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Discussion in 'Diet and Exercise' started by HellsBells, Dec 27, 2018.

  1. CheersMarra84

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    :lol: Get it down ya man, I’ve heard it’s potent off a few lads that are into bodybuilding like.
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  2. Idlewild Mackem

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  3. Jimmer13

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    Muscle heavier than fat, plus being on the ladh does not help :eek::rolleyes::lol:. Coast to coast via Gregg's:lol:
  4. Good Bloke Fairly

    Good Bloke Fairly Goalkeeper

    Climbed Blencathra Thursday 16/5. Apparently the average walker does it up and down in 4 hours. We took a wrong turn adding 20 minutes to our time and took food/rest breaks totalling about 30 minutes so we knocked it off at a fairly bloody decent time considering I'm 21 stone 7.

    Wansfell was my first. Almost half the height of Blencathra but much harder. Think we're doing Coniston Old Man next then maybe on to Great Gable.

    Awesome stuff that climbing lark. Apparently I should have burned around 2,500kcal doing that. Only consumed 2,200 on the day anyway! Gonna weigh in Sunday morning and hopefully see the results.
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  5. gazc24

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    Started to put some weight on, looking for a cross trainer or similar instead of a gym membership. Any ideas for a decent £150 one
  6. Charlestonian

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    Down to 200lbs today from a starting point of 236lbs at the start of the year.

    On holiday next week and then head in the game for my next target which is 185lbs, exercise is going class just need to fully get my nutrition back on track when I get back.

    Last 6 months have been class though, feel so much better about myself.
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  7. Idlewild Mackem

    Idlewild Mackem Striker

    That is amazing, 36lbs in 3 months?! Well done.
  8. Charlestonian

    Charlestonian Midfield

    No in 6 mate, from New Years Day till now.
  9. Joe Public

    Joe Public Striker

    5. Well done class that.
  10. Idlewild Mackem

    Idlewild Mackem Striker

    Fucking hell, I thought it was March :lol:however, that's still amazing.
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  11. Charlestonian

    Charlestonian Midfield

    It actually is! Wow I’m stupid at times and now doubly happy with my efforts!
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  12. Idlewild Mackem

    Idlewild Mackem Striker

    Just check gumtree, there's hundreds on there usually. But make sure you cna try it first - bought one a while ago and it was so squeaky it was basically unusable. Sold it on.
  13. Good Bloke Fairly

    Good Bloke Fairly Goalkeeper

    Climbed the Coniston Old Man yesterday and camped over in some woods round the other side of Coniston Water.

    Absolutely aching now but thoroughly enjoyable and proper good exercise.

    That's Wansfell 488m, Blencathra 868m, and Coniston Old Man 803m since mid April. Not bad going given I was 24 stone 10 lbs less than four months ago and never done anything like that in my life.

    Few days recovery then I'll probably get two gym sessions in and weigh Sunday morning. Hoping to see more progress.
  14. Jimmer13

    Jimmer13 Midfield

    Fell off diet when unwell and not able to exercise, as usual started comfort eating, put 12 pounds back on from 7 April till 2nd June, propper pee'd off all hard work wasted.

    Started diet again 3rd June back to calorie counting. Reckon should lose at least 2 lbs by Sunday, my weigh in day. Find it hard to motivate myself when going through a bad patch.

    But that is history and we go again, if you do it once you can do it again. Just have to keep people with flu etc away from me. Does me right in having a compromised immune system.

    Not to worry, will get there again. Mind legs are full of fluid calfs and ankles, which is not shifting, hoping the weight loss will help as only occurred when became ill.

    Just like Sunderland we go again.

    Just seen my Head Doctor tried to up my medication for anxiety to three tablets, then informs me that they stimulate your appetite.

    No the wonder I was piling on the weight, my appetite was out of control. Switched the timings of the two.

    Only been on them since 1st May and that was when started putting weight on. He only mention today about increase in appetite.

    Thought it was me with eyes bigger than my bloody belly. Anyhow, see what happens now.
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  15. Simpsyla

    Simpsyla Full Back

    All the best with it mate - hope you get sorted soon. And remember you can't change the past but can control the future!

    The second sentence was in relation to your eating, rather than your illness by the way, just in case you took it the wrong way!
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  16. Jimmer13

    Jimmer13 Midfield

    Nope knew what you meant, side effect of stupid anxiety pills is it increases your appetite. Bloody hell surprised not chewed my fingers.

    Back counting calories and once reach total, even if still clamming, the food can bog off not being eaten.

    I was more annoyed that the Doctor, who put me on them did not explain that side effect, when he is treating me for OCD with food and calories.

    Part of the problem, tried to increase tablets to three. Told him would just stop taking any, no way spending three months losing weight to out it back on 5 weeks.

    He agreed 2 still, 1 at 6: 30 and 1 @ 22:30 said I would try for a month, if weight does not come off, binning them going cold turkey

    Lupus specialist looking to reduce steroids from 7.5 to 5 mg from September. Good news!
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  17. Good Bloke Fairly

    Good Bloke Fairly Goalkeeper

    Well thats 4 stone passed. I'm 20 stone 9lbs as of this morning. 346lbs down to 289lbs. Buzzing.
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  18. That's is fantastic, no wonder you are buzzing.

    Brilliant, that's a huge amount of weight to lose.
  19. Good Bloke Fairly

    Good Bloke Fairly Goalkeeper

    Under no illusions that it's still the water weight and once I edge closer to my natural weight it'll plateau but I'm fully prepared to keep pushing.
  20. matt228

    matt228 Midfield Contributor

    My eyes have always been bigger than my belt but now I'm inching ever closer towards 28 it seems like that's no longer true! Naturally quite a big lad (6'2" and broad-framed) but I've never had weight problems, really, never been what you'd consider overweight until lately. I gained before Christmas then lost weight (went from 100kg to 86kg) a few months ago and it seems like the only area that it won't go away from is my bloody beer gut.

    Any tips for how I might shift this particular area of fat? I hear spot loss of weight isn't possible but surely I can't become super skinny on the arms and legs and still a porker around the waist? :lol:

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