Wedding attire in southern spain

Discussion in 'SMB' started by box2box, Apr 21, 2017.

  1. aukq

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    any charity shop worth its salt and it's job done.
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  2. mad cyril

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    Whenever people think summer abroad wedding, the automatic go to choice seems to be a linen suit, in light colours.
    However, linen is the least stylish fabric out there. It creases horrendously making you look a mess all day. It's also really unflattering.
    I'd always go for a cotton suit with shirt and shoes, tie optional not compulsory.
    Avoid shorts like the plague.
  3. longtimelurker

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    I don't even wear them. Just found the thread funny. :lol:

    Depends what James Bond did in said polo, marra.
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  4. lenshack

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    Definitely not shorts if there are any Spanish involved in the proceedings.
  5. MackemBob

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    There you go marra. No charge.

  6. the walrus

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    What's wrang with a decent suit from next and some kickers like
  7. Keawyeds

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    And a cigar
  8. RichD

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    and flip flop combo...
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  9. riffraff

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    Cream linen suit.
    White linen shirt.
    Red n White striped tie.
    Brown leather brogues.
    Brown paper bag sox.
    Brown paper bag boxers......
  10. MackemBob

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    When in Spain....

  11. RubeusHagrid

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    :lol: :lol:
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