Weather forecasts

How come they can't get it right. BBC app changed from sleet to heavy snow to light snow to sleet in the space of about an hour. And it is in fact raining. Don't even think they bother to look out of the window
Because it isn't an exact science. People and their computers have to guess which way a weather front is going to travel, how fast and for how long.

Cheesy Feet

Met office are shite, I think they just guess, they get £millions and are hardly ever right.

A few years back the met office and the bbc were having bit of a dispute on how an incoming weather front was going to play’d think the met office by their name would be right but they were way were spot on.
They have been right over the last few days on the local BBC and Tyne Tees.
Both have said that the snow will be inland and on higher ground where the westerly airstream meets the cold on its leading edge.
Us on the coast never got the snow - as forecast.
Thats just plain wrong.

Thousands of sailors and ships captains rely on their shipping forecast on this side of the atlantic, as well as sea anglers (including myself) and charter boat skippers.
Shipping weather is usually quite accurate in my experience.
But they will only go 5 days ahead.
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Can’t remember the last time I checked the weather forecast. It’s not hard to guess that in January it prob won’t be good and in July it prob will.
This is what I can’t understand, they get millions and don’t get it right. I know it’s a forecast but still.
They got it right for Sunderland.
Snow on higher ground and inland, falling as rain nearer the North East coast.
Can't grumble with that mind.

Big Jeff

I used to do a weather forecast on here for the weekend.

I have my own weather station which you can buy off the web but it’s nowt like the resources the pros have.

I also use a variety of other sources. I like the met office but not their graphics.

“Windy” has superb graphics but never seems accurate.

Magic Seaweed is good for sea based activities like sailing, fishing, surfing etc.

I also use CCTV cameras around the country as that is like looking out the window!

If the wind is westerly and it’s raining in Hexham - it’s coming our way.