We simulated Sunderland's current League One season on Football Manager 2019 – here’s what happened

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    Or in other words, journalists have too much time on their hands.
  4. Cypher

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    Are the Shields Gazette mag orientated? If so I'm surprised they included the NUFC relegation part.
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  6. Fuck me, who gives a shit, it's like when Lee Ryder replayed our game against the mags and seemed genuinely pleased that a video game had them winning. It's amazing what utter shite passes for "journalism" these days
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  8. But they didn't simulate our season. They brought in players and sold some of the current team. To truly simulate it they would need the factors to match surely
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    What the fuck is that shit, it blew my phone up
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    I'm sure these people went into journalism with Pulitzer Prize ambitions.
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    Christ, when was that? :lol:
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  12. In other news, I played Barcelona with Sunderland on Fifa last night. Won five nil.
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    Was that the game when we we scored 3 unanswered goals and thought we had won.. only to later find out that we had lost as they had 2% more possession during the first 32 minutes?
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    bouycott that rag
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    What difficulty?
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    This is basically just an advert for a game isn't it?
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    Silly kids games......

    Great Damned track btw...
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