'we can build a “Uruguayan” club in England, that with claw can compete with the best in the world'

Discussion in 'Pure Football' started by ChrisAshley, Aug 12, 2018.

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  2. Uruguay is a brilliant country mind
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    :cool: half time matès all round!
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    He means in terms of passion. Here's the full quote...

    "Football is in me since I was small, like it is in Uruguay and as it is in each one of the Uruguayans. In this new venture there is no doubt that two great motivations are mixed passion and vision but also the goal of developing a project that is successful in sports and business. I would say that they have to go together if they are thinking about achieving something important in the long term. I will spend some bad inights, we will lose some games ... but I am convinced that we can build a “Uruguayan” club in England, that with claw can compete with the best in the world."
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    He's cushty Juan
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    Sounds like he was in talks with Short.
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    The mags aren't gonna like this one little bit :lol:
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    Interesting stuff. I hope he fulfills his dream but there's a long, long road ahead.

    Small steps but let's get out of this league first and at the first time of asking.
  11. Further on he talks about bringing young Uruguayan players to the Academy
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    I don’t want no damn claws in my club.
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    inclawyible mate
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    Hooded bloke who used to post on here and was canny funny
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  15. This.
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    Just a South American expression, like tooth and nail to us.
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    Ulysses. Using Vibranium to beat the opposition. :cool:
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    Google translate fail by the look of it
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    Cats claw
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