[waw] Interview: Why Poyet Will Revolutionise Sunderland

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We have all read about why Gus Poyet is the wrong choice as manager and how our squad will struggle to adapt to his style of play. We all know how his inexperience and temperament could be detrimental to our chances of survival. However, I think it is time we talk about football. I mean let’s run through Poyet and his tactics with the finest of toothcombs. Here is an absolutely fascinating interview with Brighton & Hove Albion blog site Not Worth That telling us why Poyet will revolutionise Sunderland. If you’re on the fence, like me, it is likely you won’t after this. Get a cuppa, this is worth the long read!

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Interesting read. We've really struggled to keep possession over the last couple of seasons so an improvement in that area would be good. Can't say the idea of being a slower Swansea is that attractive though! Hopefully over time an improvement in possession, coaching and players will mean we end up being a quick version of Swansea instead!


nice interview... let's hope the magic works...

betting we be going in for the Bridcutt lad come January (Since Ellis is on record saying we'll be spending at the break ;)


Good article. Only part I think he gets wrong is about Altidore, which is natural to think he is a big lump type player. He is much better with the ball to feet and sounds like could suit the style well.

Can't wait to get started with the new set up.


What ever happened to the comments in the press about the death of tippy tappy football when barca got destroyed by the krauts ?
Or are we just a few years behind .
We now get into tippy tappy as the better teams have discovered ways to counter it ?
Ifvhe keeps us up I will love it , but that style of play doesn't excite me.
Doesn't use wingers ?
I suppose it will take the heat off johnson then :)
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