I hope he stays, seeing the highlights he looked our most creative players. His attitude and character has never been in question, I really hope he stays and finally puts his injuries behind him.
Yep, looked dangerous last night playing in his proper striker's role rather than as a winger. Looks like he's still got some pace, and a few tricks up his sleeve now too.

Could be a big player for us this year.


Although he is pacey his decision making/final ball leaves a lot to be desired
Same could be said of almost any of the best players at this level last season and many fans would advocate us signing. It's league one after all. Watmores problems at this level at least are injuries, if he can overcome them he'd be a major asset.
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I like the lad and thinks he gets unfair treatment on here. His development has been stunted due to two horrendous injuries. I still think if him and Anichebe had stayed fit during Moyes season we would have stayed up as they were our only outlet and kept opposing teams thinking about defence rather than all out attack