Watmore out for the season?


It’s his ankle injured not his knee this time, so hardly a recurring injury. Also, that tackle would have injured anyone. Horrible bastard of a Wycombe player.
Spot on... the injury was caused by the bad tackle.. nothing Watmore could do about it..its not his knee ffs.. if that had flared up again, then there may be a case for retiring, otherwise not
We don't miss him at all. We got the results we needed without him
We can win games and still miss him
We miss Maja's movement and quick feet in the area
We miss Maguire playing between the lines and keeping hold of the ball
We miss Oviedo's attacking threat and pace on the wing

Still managed to win some games though. The 2 things are not mutually exclusive

Ashley In!!

Heading into the last year of his deal now. Hard to see how we don't lose out whatever happens with his latest recovery.


So getting hacked down by a shithouse player from a shithouse team makes you 'injury prone' ?


Yosemite Sam

Full Back
It's not his knee - it's an entirely unrelated ankle injury.
Just because it’s not his knee doesn’t mean he’s not a crock. Can’t pay a player who’s going to play a handful of games a season and be ineffective in most of them. Look at the likes of Kirchhoff and Mensah. Good players. Always injured. Can’t carry them