Watching Championship in Oz

Discussion in 'Western Australia' started by Mel Holdens Ute, Aug 17, 2017.

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  1. Mel Holdens Ute

    Mel Holdens Ute Subs Bench


    I'm working offshore at present, so haven't tried this week, but from what I've heard from the smoggies I work with is that BEin aren't showing any games and Sunderland aren't allowing their games to be transmitted via the EFL overseas website. That being the case has anybody found a site showing any Championship games let alone the lads?

  2. Perthyltonian

    Perthyltonian Central Defender

    No mate, mind you we've got HD Subs and have seen 2 games on Sky.
  3. SAFCDownUnder

    SAFCDownUnder Midfield

    Why would you want to watch them these days? It's bad enough getting the results, let alone watching them! I was in the UK recently and saw the goals from the Barnsley game - what a shambles.
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