Washing machine thermistor error - worth fixing?


This. And can vouch for espares.

We've changed the stats in Tumble dryers a number of times and its really not techy. BUT, we always knew we had pushed our luck with continuous running or there was a blockage in the vent pipe etc. With the washing machine you need to ask why did it blow/fail? Did you do something unusual with it. Like any 'fuse' going it tends to be for a reason.
I can change parts in my oven like a pit crew now. Slide it out of the unit, casing off, pop out an element or fan, new one in, case on, back in the unit, done.

The motherboard and the main chassis are the only original bits. Thermostats have all been changed once, elements a few times and the fans once. Each time I think is this time to get a new one, then I see a part for £30 and it leeps going for another year.