Was anyone here interviewed for the wearside jack case?

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I wasn't, and I actually fitted the profile they were looking for pretty closely. Yet another example of "not very efficient" police work in those days. I do wonder it they are any better nowadays....


I seem to remember a door to door visit but nothing further. But apparently, according to close friends, I sound just like the hoaxer
Me dad was
I came home from school and there was a police car outside the house
I was bricking it as the back yard had about 10st of pinch roof lead in it ready to melt down for fishing weights and there was about 800ltr of pinched red diesel too.
I was literally shitting it. I came in and there was 2 coppers eating freshly boiled prawns and me dad was copying a written statement comparing his hand writing
The front me dad had keeping it together was beyond me