Vulcan XL319


Reserve Squad
Seconded @AlienFTM
I cant be expected to the only military boffin on here, even if they are Cavalry.
No sweat mucker. About 15 years ago I lost heart after yet another sh!t season and RTG took second place to Army Rumour Service. Came back a while later, found I'd been hoofed. But I was an admin. Thought "wtf?!? Meh".

Discovered all Hotmail etc accounts had been hoofed and wasn't sure about linking the Sky account that Zero Alpha uses.

Got made redundant retired at 59. Last season, discovering SAFC had finally hit bottom and weren't going to be playing Dawdon Colliery Welfare FC, I decided to give it a go. Too busy being retired to be a full timer on RTG like I was, but here I am.