VOTING - for "MY HOME" photograph (May/June 2020)

VOTING for "MY HOME" - May and June 2020

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Welcome to all the new entrants!
Good luck all.

You have six votes, you can vote for one to six of the photographs.

Please consider how well they meet the theme as much as the photograph itself.

The poll closes in seven days time.

Great month all!
Lots of entries and lots of votes.
Congratulations to @Lord Alfred for his winning entry
Congratulations to @becs for her well deserved second place
and to newcomer? @Fcomp for his third place.

I liked @Alan BStard entry, I thought it met the theme really well
Ditto @becs entry of her birdhouses
both these really gave the impression of "My Home".

I also voted for the winner.

I'm giving highly commended to @MaDMaCKeM - lunchbreak award 1
and @Alan BStard - lunchbreak award 2

and a booby prize to @daventry cat - better luck next time

I'm on a high as I ate such a horrible lunch, and now it's over, hence all the awards.
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