Vikings (TV series)


Not really about the telly series but thought it was an interesting bit of news story and couldn't be arsed to kick off a thread about it on its own.

Danish museum folks have found a thirty-five metre long Viking longhouse. Not by digging in the ground but by looking at images from Google Earth.

In total they have found more than twenty spots from the Viking age this way.

Wish Time Team was still being made. They would have loved stuff like this.

Michael åbnede Google Earth og fandt spor fra Vikingetiden: »Jeg tænkte: Det er løgn«
Proper love Freydis me iirc.
@alexander has it been cancelled? Still my favourite box set at the minute.
Nah. A season finished a few months ago and they take ages between them, despite having filmed most of the next one already.

Though it dragged a bit. Ending was mint though.
Ivar properly grated on me in this series.

On the plus side though, Freydis :cool:

6th season will be the last.
I think the network has bought up until the 6th and then they’ll make a decision.
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Floki wasn't a great story either for the most part. You can get away with a boring story arc, two just takes up too much screen time.

Bjornn's new lass was easy on the eyes as well. Can't remember the name of the character to follow the rules.

Played by a former Olympic swimmer. Cracking, cracking chassis.

Raggar Ragnars is the actress’ name.