Vietnam War prog on BBC4 the neet

Discussion in 'SMB' started by EDGE, Sep 25, 2017.

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    Ive had "A Bright And Shining Lie" on my "to be read" shelf for about 20yrs now! This may save me the bother......or illuminate it when i do.
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    This is great. Fascinating stuff.
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    Its a good book, you certainly get your moneys worth from it.
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  5. Doesn’t romanticize HCM does it? The guy sent hundreds of thousands to certain death, but tends to get glossed over in many books and documentaries.
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  6. Watched number two last night on iPlayer. Really interesting and very well put together. Three and four were on last night so will watch them this week.
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    episode 3 is now on iPlayer bitches.
  8. Who's narrating? I recognise the voice but cant place him.
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    All episodes on showbox/cartoon hd
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    Anywhere they are available in good quality? Just watched episode 4 there and had a lump in my throat for the family of the 19 year old KIA. :(
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  12. Just watched it too.

    Amazing that we're four episodes in and when I look back I still can't really understand WHY the fuck the US is in Vietnam, aside from ego, and the fact that no one wanted to be the person who said "we probably shouldn't be doing this Mr President". Worries me that this would be so so easy to happen today with Trump's sycophants.

    Interesting points about Russia interfering with protests, and the state planting violence in anti-war demos, all interesting parallels.
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    The American government wanted to rid the world of communism it's that simple. Didn't work tho did it? By the 90s communism was almost dead. That's why it's a war they don't like talking about the propaganda they used to get young lads to fight was shocking
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    It's basically cold war stuff and posturing. Lots of trying to judge how hard they could go without getting China or the Soviet Union involved whilst kids, and that's basically who they were, were being killed on the American side and, on the other side, a mix of so many groups that it starts to get daft.

    As you say, the US government tried to influence the anti-war movement by getting agents in there.

    Basically, all because of differing ideologies on the back of colonialism.
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    Think I need to get a book or two on the whole thing. It’s really taking my interest at the minute.
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    Me too,also considering it was half a century ago and his mother still acutely feels his loss is a sobering thought.Poor lass.
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    Westmoreland seems to have been North Vietnam’s best asset.
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  18. Did anyone get their Pyongyang shot off ?
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    I thought it was Tom Hanks initially.
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