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victor moses

Discussion in 'Pure Football' started by wakey wakey, Apr 17, 2012.

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  1. AnyOBrien

    AnyOBrien Full Back

    more miss than hit though

    My comment was aimed at you'd take him for the fifth season in a row? Getting at the fact his name constantly crops up in the summner time and time again on here ;)
  2. SAFC 2012

    SAFC 2012 Striker

    Just hasn't settled at villa, you can't deny he almost single handedly kept wigan up last season. I agree with you, i'd love it, love it if we signed him
  3. Windypants

    Windypants Winger

    Larsson scored and assisted more in what, 14 games, playing in the Bruce team that was every bit as poor as Wigan, as Moses has all season! Oh, and he did this whilst playing on the left wing. At the start of the season, Larsson was the stand out player in a team playing very poorly.
  4. AnyOBrien

    AnyOBrien Full Back

    Liam O Brien, Andy O Brien,
    Any Any Any O Brien
    Who put the ball in the mackems net?
    O Brien O Brien
  5. SAFC 2012

    SAFC 2012 Striker

    :roll: Any need? I was well on the road to forgetting that chant ffs

    Its quite clear we don't have enough pace and people who can actually beat a man in our team. Larsson is the worst culprit for this and moses would definitely go a long way to fixing that problem
  6. Keyzer Soze

    Keyzer Soze New Member

    Too good for Sunderland
  7. AnyOBrien

    AnyOBrien Full Back

    Just to make it clear for people who just think I'm a bit thick and don't actually know how to spell 'Andy' as Andy/Any has been pointed out several times :lol:

    oh, and he's still shite (moses, not o brien)
  8. Windypants

    Windypants Winger

    It's quite clear you don't understand the difference between pace and change of pace. It's also quite clear you value being able to beat a man ahead of scoring / creating goals (otherwise, why would you want to replace a player who scores with one who beats his man before proceeding, usually, to do bugger all).

    Larsson looked plenty quick enough when sprinting to catch up with Bendtner's ball into the box to score against City. This doesn't count though, for some reason or other.
  9. Daniels

    Daniels Striker

    Larsson will be a very important squad player net year and IMO maybe even Vaughen. Rather than just replace why not build and create a much deeper team with a very good bench.
  10. Windypants

    Windypants Winger

    Absolutely agree. If we can sign someone who is better than Larsson, then that's great. The plan to play Moses (who has spent all of this season playing on the left, achieving not very much) on the right, doesn't improve the team and starts to look worryingly reminiscent of the thing that Bruce was criticised for... playing people in the wrong position e.g. playing RMs at LM, or is Moses somehow exempt from this?
  11. mickeza

    mickeza Full Back

    Think he'd be a really good signing who would fit into O'Neil's counter attack style. If Wigan stay up he could be quite expensive though and he'd definitely be a big risk for seven million or so. Matt Phillips at Blackpool may be the better option.
  12. Keyzer Soze

    Keyzer Soze New Member

    He will not come to Sunderland.
  13. Chromacolour

    Chromacolour New Member

    A couple of good games and now he's the new Ronaldo? (not the fat one)

    Promising, but I'd be weary of getting over invested in the hype about him, he'd be expensive and it could very well turn out be an expensive mistake.
  14. Thornton Heath Macke

    Thornton Heath Macke Central Defender

    It's proved in this lad's case he is good enough to play for a Premier League club....I don't see your point.
  15. admwil

    admwil Winger

    Would be scary that like! :-D

    If only
  16. AnyOBrien

    AnyOBrien Full Back

    Anyone who becomes a pro, or even semi pro, or even playing for a decent Sunday League team would shine at school. Jesus, even I got a game for the school!
  17. Chromacolour

    Chromacolour New Member

    It would be terrifying, we're five men short.
  18. Geronimo

    Geronimo Striker


    Victor Moses is a good player and we are interested.

    FFS man, the whole Prem is interested
  19. :lol::lol::lol::lol:
  20. KeithSAFC30

    KeithSAFC30 Full Back

    Aye I like Moses, looks a canny talent, would love to see him here
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