Vaux site……


The saga of the Eye Infirmary has been going on for years - it was rumoured that Ken Bremner, the South Tyneside & Sunderland Trust (called this instead of Sunderland & South Tyneside as a sop) CEO was hawking it around as he was doing the governments dirty work in closing and downgrading units at Harton Hospital in Shields.
There are also rumours that the current QA Road site has expensive asbestos issues.

Moving to a site close to the metro/train/bus stations makes a hell of a lot of sense and it will have a much smaller footprint building upwards and sharing car-parking.
Totally agree mate wasnt my issue just having a little pop at the shitty council etc it is in a better place etc...👊


The City Hall looks good but not sure if it was an optical illusion but the signage on the north side (city)wraps around to the west side (hall)? So where do you need to be to see 'City Hall' up near B&Q?