Valentines Day Plans

Goat Eyes

gonna try get a walk in at durham's newest restaurant. They don't take bookings but I'm guessing we've got nee chance. Treat her to a pint of bitter and a pickled egg at the Vic if not.
What restaurant is this? I’m booked into Restaurant 17 in a couple of weeks time. Not sure if it’s any good...
Early night for us....early rise for Oxford in the morning :cool:
Proper lad.
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Alarm set for 0700

Drive from Dumfries to Biggar to start work at 0830

Drive a bus from Biggar to Edinburgh and back 3 times over the course of the day

Finish work at 2030 and drive back from Biggar to Dumfries

Touch my willy in an intimate manner whilst thinking impure thoughts, have a shower and go to bed ready to do the same again on Saturday
Hope your willy enjoys its Biggar journey.


bit of a mess....fractured Tib, ligaments shot to shit.....I'm never going again, I've done my medial ligaments but not as bad....
I'll pass on your regards...cheers!
We're away next week, I'm falling apart at the best of times so the strappings and supports I've got are ridiculous - hope your missus isn't too bad


Picking our lass up from the airport later, I was going to cook something when we got in but I can't be arsed now so I'll just order something in.

Haven't seen her since Sunday, can't wait for the bairn to bed so we can both fall asleep watching some shite film.

Slow joe

Currently at the ice rink, be here til 7, promised my son a pizza on the way home to eat at home. He will get a margarita, me probably a Hawaiian or kebab meat one, get home and eat pizzas, him whilst on his PS, me whilst watching Leicester match.