Using a BT Youview box on TalkTalk Broadband, anyone got a old BT box?

Discussion in 'SMB' started by MackemX, Aug 10, 2018.

  1. Does anyone have an old BT Youview box they now don't use (possibly due to recently changing provider) and they'd sell for a few quid so that I could try a BT box on TalkTalk?

    It's the DTR-T2100 I'm looking to try that looks like this


    Has anyone ever done this? I think it can be done (2nd reply in this thread) so I'd like to try as the replacement TalkTalk box my Mam has is doing my nut in as she's having loads of bother with it as I'm the one trying to get TalkTalk to sort it out!

    Things such as the box not changing channels when you simply press numbers on remote, sluggish response overall and other crap even after formatting the fucker and spending hours on their support phone lines.

    The most recent being that the TV signal is also affected by 4G, even though it's got a 4G filter on. This TV signal issue wasn't an issue until the box was replaced at last contract renewal and then the TV signal started suffering on and off. I plugged old box in and TV signal fine but old box had recording issues and had to be sent back also. The engineer eventually came out and replaced the 'new' box and it was the same thing so I showed him the old box with far better signal strength/quality and even more so when aerial is plugged directly into TV. He said aerial signal was OK when he used his tester on it so he tried a 4G filter on it which improved it but still not good enough. You have to apply for a 4G filter as TalkTalk don't supply them but at least they are free. Basically I think the TalkTalk boxes are even cheaper component tat now given the signal issue is obviously due to the newer signal receiver within the box!
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  2. Ramshanker

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    It works fine with talktalk. I've got one. My original TT youview box was absolutely shocking with my TV
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  3. Thought it might so thanks for confirming :cool: Hopefully someone on here has got one in a cupboard somewhere that I can get off them.

    I'm back with BT broadband myself and my old TalkTalk box wasn't even used at all. I didn't really watch it so took it out after a few weeks and just used the TV directly or streaming via laptop instead to watch crap.
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  4. PTR

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    Yes you can use them with any isp
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    RYHOPER1 Midfield

    I have a BT box I use through SKY and it works fine.

    Its only the on demand apps that are through the internet. TV channels are through the aerial.

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