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The Gaffer
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I am receiving a lot of requests from people for username changes at the moment.

Technically it is possible for Admin to change a username, but the problem is that this requires a rebuild of a couple of the database tables to complete the action. When the forum has several million posts like this one, it takes several hours to complete this during which time the forum runs very slowly, so we will NOT change your username.

The options available are as follows:

Register a new user with a new email address if you have one. Your old user will be deleted automatically after a period without being used. If you send a PM to RTGADMIN to explain what you are doing this would be appreciated as we do detect and sometimes delete multiple aliases used by the same person.


Send a PM to RTGADMIN from your existing user asking for that user to be deleted. You can then re-register with a new username and the existing email address
NB. If there are outstanding warnings on your account we will not allow you to register a new account.
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