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Discussion in 'SMB' started by Raich Carter, Aug 8, 2018.

  1. Raich Carter

    Raich Carter Striker

    Starts tomorrow who’s got what on?

    It’s being streamed on eleven sports Facebook page for the first 2 days, nothing on sky or bbc.

    I’ve went for..

    Fowler 22/1
    Woods 28/1
    Hatton 90/1

    Haway the golf :cool:
  2. Musicman

    Musicman Striker

    Charley Hoffman
  3. I really hope the Eleven coverage isn't crap since it looks like this won't be a one-off from them.

    I've gone for:

    Thomas 14/1
    Fowler 20/1
    Spieth 20/1
    Fleetwood 25/1

    All e/w.
  4. So whats the best way to watch on a tv?
  5. Morny

    Morny Striker

    Im a sheep so just followed the Sporting Life fellas tips, so I've got

    So Kim
    Michael Kim
  6. jacko100

    jacko100 Winger

    been following his tips for a while now but he's been pretty shit of late, think I may just pick my own this time round

    These four have zero chance!! (bookmark this!)

    So Kim
    Michael Kim
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  7. Morny

    Morny Striker


    Maybes not mate, I enjoy following him for a bit interest on a weekend.

    Tbf last two weeks he got two ews (to 8 places) in Canadian open, then last week he tipped winner and 2nd at Bridgestone Invitational.

    Albeit his last two majors were woeful!
  8. jacko100

    jacko100 Winger

    didnt realise he did well the last couple, like you said his majors have been woeful, they're the only ones I really bet on
  9. Morny

    Morny Striker

    Aye, US Open he was nowhere near.

    The Open he had no places, think he had about 4 in top 30. Similar happened at Masters iirc - 4 or 5 in top 30, but only one in Top 10 (and tied at that).

    Hopefully he turns it around this time!
  10. jacko100

    jacko100 Winger

    I'll prob end up going with them anyway cause I'll kick myself if I dont and they win, though the four I mentioned seem really bad picks to me, must read his reasoning behind them
    Used use this site a lot way back, had a few big wins with it but then it went to total shit, havent used in a few years so no idea how its doing now.
  11. 4 for the comp;

    Justin Thomas
    Dustin Johnson
    Tony Finau
    Alex Noren
  12. safcrob

    safcrob Midfield

    Horschel EW

    Golf is usually the only sport I have a bit of luck in, I picked Walker in this in 2016 and Thomas in 2017 with Matsuyama EW, it's just typically expected for the players I have backed this year to not make the cut.
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  13. Wearson

    Wearson Full Back

    Are highlights being shown on Sky or BBC?
    Or is it exclusive to “Facebook” stream etc?

    This is the worst major by far and the TV thing is another nail. Can’t see if moving it to a May next year will make a difference, maybe?
    I think that The Players is of more interest, but if a new major was created to replace this USA biased event I would suggest it should not be in America .
  14. Morny

    Morny Striker

    Know what you mean about it being worst in terms of prestige, but I think it's often quite entertaining. It is esoecially, usually, much better than the US Open which the organisers seem determined to turn into a bogey-fest grind
  15. Pepe

    Pepe Striker

    It is actually the hardest to win when the quality of player is taken into account. No invites for the Hong Kong pitch and putt champion here, World Ranking and out. (Exemptions aside).
  16. Lambchops

    Lambchops Striker

    Android box and sports sub
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  17. Wearson

    Wearson Full Back

    Oh no, I’ve put each way bets on these at very long odds
    Si Woo Kim
    Li Ho-Tong
    Hun An
    There are a lot of club pros in it too tho.
  18. It’s not like. 15 - 20 club pros for a starter!
    What’s the point
  19. I think it will help a bit to move it to May, it'll keep the major momentum going after the Masters and allow the 2 best majors to book-end the season. I also think the Players will benefit from effectively becoming a major warm up in March, it'll hopefully put less emphasis on it as the unofficial 5th Major.

    Whenever it happens though, Sky need to sort themselves out and get the rights back, the last thing anyone needs is yet another subscription sports broadcaster, especially one that has no option to be on TV.

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