RTG Uploading images from your phone to Gallery


Laundry Manager
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When I use the "insert image" icon with this link (spaces for viewing purposes) h t t ps://i.imgur.com/C8kqwgE.jpg it doesn't work, it says image cannot be loaded from the passed link - I think it means pasted link.

and when I try to do the same using the "media" icon I get this, which is kind of nearly what I want but not.

Is there a reason why, am I doing it wrong ?
I'm not sure.

Perhaps @Roger may be able to help.

Or the photo comp guru @peachy


The Gaffer
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imgur block the linking of images from high traffic sites (ie this one). There is nothing we can do about this.


It should be okay now.

There are 2 background jobs that run periodically to delete images and albums. The one to delete albums doesn’t run very often and in your case you hadn‘t deleted individual images, but complete albums.

I have ran the album deletion job manually now, so you should have your default storage allocation back. Let me know if that isn’t the case.

If you want more storage you can upgrade your account either using the contributor or enhanced gallery options.

Can you sort this for me again - as far as I can see there is still no option to delete individual images after you select them, so I have deleted my album, but my storage space still needs flushing out.


The Gaffer
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For info, I have changed some of the settings around uploading images today and reduced the size of the final images that will be stored.

When I looked at some of the recent images where people were complaining about storage being full, I could see that the images being stored were massive as they were generally direct copies of the original image on peoples phones, and obviously phones have sensors with huge numbers of megapixels these days.

When the uploaded image is around 5MB you don't get to store many in your 10MB allocation!

It will still make sense for people to resize and compress the quality of their images if possible before uploading. But if you don't do this, all jpg images will now be re-sized after uploading to a maximum of 2000px wide or tall (still plenty good for displaying on the web).

This won't currently affect existing uploaded images, only new ones you upload from now.