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Discussion in 'Games and games consoles' started by jedi_toaster, Jan 9, 2019.

  1. silas80

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    Streetfighter 2 Turbo was £65 in the early 90s...but you got a steelbook tin to keep it in and occasionally glance at [​IMG]

    Same for me, only go for standard these days. I've learned my lesson on buying pre-ordered deluxe shite. Not worth it at all.
  2. girojim

    girojim Striker

    I remember maniac mansion being about £50 on the nes
  3. Discopants91

    Discopants91 Striker

    Aye, looks class, it's on the list after God of War so should be a similar price.
  4. HebburnMackem

    HebburnMackem Striker

    JRPGs / Final Fantasy games are shite

    Early Nintendo / Sega stuff was shit compared to Spectrum / BBC-B / CBM64 / Amia / ST Games

    80's games were shit because you can lose 5 hours of gameplay work because of one pixel

    Fortnite / PUBG are games for fucking children

    Right.. Who've I pissed off? :lol:
  5. There's a lot of pressure in the gaming world to keep up with the latest and greatest and enjoyment can comes secondary. However, once you drop off the pack then you can take your time with games and just get the enjoyment back. The most up to date console I have is the 360, there's still loads of games for me to pick up for a couple quid, along with emulators on an android box.
  6. Cox Green Fc

    Cox Green Fc Full Back

    Anyone remember LMA manager ? Preferably the 2007 version for the PS2 ?

    To this day I still say it's the best game ever invented
  7. JC91

    JC91 Full Back

    LMA 2005 was the don.

    It went downhill after that.
  8. Cox Green Fc

    Cox Green Fc Full Back

    Cant remember that one ,but loved the 07 one. Even used to watch the games :D:D
  9. kamaras-tash

    kamaras-tash Winger

    The amount of hours I put in the LMA series on PS2 was ridiculous
  10. exiled_in_manc

    exiled_in_manc Midfield

    Really miss a good point and click adventure.
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  11. JC91

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    LMA 05, put the money cheat on and be the Man City of that era.

    Shevchenko, Zidane, Aimar, Roberto Carlos, Guti. All signing for my Wimbledon side hahaha
  12. Cox Green Fc

    Cox Green Fc Full Back

    Would rather play properly me Haha. Niver been one for cheats I can remember that tho
  13. JC91

    JC91 Full Back

    Sure you would say that back when Vice City and San Andreas came out hahaha
  14. coyneeee

    coyneeee Winger

    GTA5 Online is class if you play with mates online and avoid the people who have got all the most expensive shit.

    It's not really an unpopular opinion tbh. The game went from 10.5 to 8.25 million (currently at 6 million) subs after its first month. That's like 22% of your same opinion.
    It's an unfortunate case of the game having so much potential because Legion is probably the 2nd or 3rd best expansion they've ever released but instead of being of being let down 3-4 patches in which Warlords of Draenor did, it let you down straight away.
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  15. x ALiEN 8

    x ALiEN 8 Midfield

    RDR was shite, then the sequel came out last year and... yeah, I still struggle to understand the hype ?
  16. I didn’t enjoy the Witcher.
  17. Gravyb0y

    Gravyb0y Midfield

    I think TLOU is massively over-rated.
  18. G Whizz

    G Whizz Full Back

    Give 'agent a' on your phone a go.
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  19. peterleeblackcat

    peterleeblackcat Midfield

    Same here, just couldn't get into it.
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  20. jacko100

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