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Discussion in 'Games and games consoles' started by jedi_toaster, Jan 9, 2019.

  1. jedi_toaster

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    It's obviously all about opinions on here, so what are some opinions you hold about ‘popular’ games or gaming tropes that go against the grain of public opinion (phil’s Opinion of RDR2 got me thinking)?

    Bloodborne and the ‘Souls’ games. They are just mean-spirited and hard for the sake of it. ‘Gitting gud’ is just mastering a clunky and biased control system and learning dull pre-scripted attack patterns until you know where the enemy is going to be and what they are going to do. It’s the modern day equivalent of the first tomb raider game where you would fall down a pit that you had no way of knowing was there, so you’d always die first go, until you memorised where the obstacle was. They appeal to the ocd/autistic nature of some gamers and are the gaming equivalent of institutionalisation, where everything you have to do is prescribed by someone else so there is no unsettling feeling of choice to be made.

    Wipeout series. Far from being excellent racing games, they are just the result of a programmer unable to program a car game where the cars have a feeling of sticking to the track, so they explained the floaty feeling away by redesigning the graphics and turning them into hovering spacecraft.

    And yes, I’m terrible at both those types of game.... ;)
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  2. Some Random Guy

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    -A sizable chunk of "gamers" are misogynistic pricks and female gamers/gaming journalists/gaming commentators are unfairly treated. The "gaming community" is toxic as a result of this group.

    -Saints row 3&4 were more fun than GTA 4&5.
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  3. jedi_toaster

    jedi_toaster Winger

    Is your first point even debatable? Fanboyism and misogynistic behaviour makes the whole scene seem toxic. This gaming board is literally the most civilised place on the internet to talk about games.

    I wasn’t a massive fan of GTA 4, but GTA 5 is one of my favourite games, and I couldn’t really get into Saints Row, so cant really argue that one.
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  4. Some Random Guy

    Some Random Guy Striker

    We've had the discussion on here a few times, it's debatable. :lol:
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  5. jacko100

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    There much of a muchness between the Playstation and the XBOX
  6. Nipple Salad

    Nipple Salad Midfield

    I loved Dark Souls.

    Improved my fighting skills no end. I thought the combat system was harsh but got the adrenalin going, had me hoop nipping at times trying not to lose the ton of souls I'd gathered.

    That said in DS2 I ended up with a git big club pancaking everything then stabbing them to bits with dual rapiers aka easy mode
  7. Some Random Guy

    Some Random Guy Striker

    Agree. Prefer the PS exclusives, so I have the ps4. My xb1 hasn't been turned on in over a year.
  8. silas80

    silas80 Winger

    Battlefield Bad Company wasn't as good as people think it was.
    I don't like Mario.
    The PS4 controller is better than the XBOX's.
    A few beers actually improves my gaming ability.
  9. LadyMuck

    LadyMuck Striker

    Agree with this. I tend to keep my trap shut when playing online unless I really need to speak. Can’t be arsed with bellends when I just want to enjoy a game.
  10. niceonemarra

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    Most modern day games are crap, full of pointless annoying CGI.
  11. girojim

    girojim Striker

    not all games should be open world or include online gameplay
  12. Some Random Guy

    Some Random Guy Striker

    Good shout.

    I'll also add that the push for ever improving graphics is industry rather than consumer led.
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  13. SAFC_Jack

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    Multiplayer is largely frustrating due to unbalanced players - prefer playing locally or online with only friends.

    Gears of War is basically a game made of brown and grey sludgy colours and is about as interesting as them.
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  14. nelford_safc

    nelford_safc Striker

    100% agree that dark souls and the like are hard for the sake of it and just to get attention.

    My biggest unpopular opinion would probably be that some twitch streamers are actually quite shite at the game they play. They are just popular because they were in the right place at the right time. For example Ninja. He is quite good at Fortnite but there are much better players that earn nowhere near his money. He got lucky imo. He stuck by Fortnite and streamed it since the day it came out when it actually wasn’t that well received at first.
  15. Rusty

    Rusty Midfield

    This is definetly true switch and indie game popularity being proff of this.
  16. Macho

    Macho Striker

    Battle for Azeroth is the expansion that has finally finished off Warcraft. Bringing back classic is blizzard/activisions final roll of the dice to squeezing every last penny out of the player base before going FTP. They seem to be remastering everything but cannot help tinker with shit.
  17. Discopants91

    Discopants91 Striker

    EA are class developers.
  18. Some Random Guy

    Some Random Guy Striker

    It feels like we're at the point of diminishing returns graphically. The money and system resources don't seem worth it.
  19. Fallout 76 is canny good.
  20. Some Random Guy

    Some Random Guy Striker

    Is that an unpopular opinion?

    Genuine question, I've never paid WoW much attention.

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