Unknown Pleasures Documentary BBC6Music tonight at 10.30pm....

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    Mary Anne Hobbs playing the entire album from start to finish, and also chatting with people involved in the making and recording of this classic album.

    Wonder if these kids that wear the album cover t-shirt bought from Top Shop, Peacocks etc will be listening tonight:lol:
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  2. Superchamps

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    Surely they would then be Known Pleasures?
  3. 40 years man :eek:

    Got me oven gloves on ready
  4. dangermows

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  5. Snugster

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    40 years, how depressing. :oops:
  6. It was 10.30 am though wasn't it ?
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  7. dangermows

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    So wrang album and wrang time!? Fucks garn on!?

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    I had it down as 10.30pm...tuned in and Tom Ravenscroft is on, playing his dance/rave shite:eek:

    Was indeed on this morning at 10.30am:oops::oops:

    Just as well there's something called "listen again", otherwise I'd have missed it....been looking forward to this all week.

    :oops::oops:Indeed it was.....I had it down as 10.30pm:eek:

    Lucky this is 2019, and we've the listen again option for things like this.

    Judging by your avitar you would have enjoyed it immensely:D
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  9. Botchie

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    Anywhere to listen again?
  10. Looking forward to this
  11. dangermows

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    Joy Division thread.
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  14. td586

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    the OP's lost control
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  15. Botchie

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    Cheers marra. I've just finished painting the fence so going to have a quick shower, open beer and stick it on.

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