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  1. So it transpires that the government has been gagging charities and service providers to vulnerable people from speaking out about the impact of universal credit on people. The implication being that without an NDA their funding would be in jeopardy.

    This is after it was disclosed that hauliers had also been made subject to an NDA after highlighting the difficulties they will face post Brexit with the imposition of a new border system.

    Is this government now an authoritarian one? Is this normal?
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  2. Nicky Winterwasp

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    What would make the hauliers feel obliged to sign an NDA?
  3. maygo

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    Outrage that tories are heartless cnts
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  4. Exclusion from public sector tendering? Potential difficulties in acquiring permits within a new system, whatever that may be?
  5. Nicky Winterwasp

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    Couldn't see it being either of those. It's effectively blackmail.
  6. carldp1989

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    Yes they are and have been getting worse but no one seems to care
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  7. The National Road Haulage Association confirmed the existence of multiple NDA’s at a Brexit committee meeting and latterly to sky news on October 10th.

    Blackmail is a very strong word and not one I’d use. Perhaps the government just don’t agree and know better?
  8. Interesting to note John Majors thoughts on this..........comparing it to a poll tax type catastrophe.

    It needs scrapping.
  9. Nicky Winterwasp

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    It is very suspicious.
  10. AndrewP

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    Major was like a friendly old nice great uncle in comparison to May.
  11. Have you got a source?
  12. Hep

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    nonsense, how could the government exclude a company from tendering if they spoke out against UC.
  13. It was contingent to contracts that they were awarded between 2016 and 2017. There’s an article in today’s times about it.

    On closer scrutiny it’s an odd one but maybe not as extraordinary as I’d first though. I’ve seen similar commercial agreements that provide for reputational risk.

    I suppose by a provider breaking this clause that would automatically bar them from then competing for future tenders from HMG?

    Therefore it’s implied in the contracts they have but then again, my interpretation might be wrong.

    Faisal Islam at sky news tweeted it out in early August. Maybe government just don’t want hauliers undermining negotiations?
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    Deleted member. :lol:

    I bet it was Frijj.
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    Could be Toon Toon.
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    Looks like he's banned again.
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    It was GinoBartali.
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    Yup. He was pissed last night like, must've been. Even for Frijj he was acting very odd. He had several arguments going in different threads and was making a tit of himself in all of them.
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