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Discussion in 'SMB' started by forzamilansafc, Oct 12, 2017.

  1. knarfw

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    The BBC had some classics man, Porridge, Fawlty Towers, Fall and Rise of Reginald Perrin, Some Mothers Do Have Them, Steptoe and Son, Likely Lads, Are You Being Served, Citizen Smith etc. God I feel old.
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  2. raindog

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  3. MackemBob

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    Cup of beans....?
  4. EchoMan

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    Last of the Summer Wine.
    Open all hours.
    Keeping up appearances.

    All by Roy Clarke and all not funny.
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  5. Thackeray

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    Little Britain was absolutely massive, but was the most cretinous television the UK has ever produced.

    An old woman pissing herself? What the fuck is funny about that?

    An endless series of turd catchphrases repeated as nauseam.

    And cretins repeating them out in the real world, If you did this, you were a massive tit.
  6. Purrfect South

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    Any American sitcom.

    Totally agree with this.
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  7. Cheesy Feet

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    Can't believe The Office and Fawlty Towers have been mentioned on this thread.
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  8. :eek:
  9. Billynick

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    I like everybody loves Raymond. He's Mrs would get it
  10. Son of Stan

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    I have to say I still watch Steptoe and Son if I catch them on the telly. The Christmas episodes remain brilliant and were, for me, the funniest thing on tv last Christmas - only rivalled by the Likely Lads Christmas episode (with Terry as a taxi driver and Bob dressed as Captain Hook.) :lol:
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  11. Purrfect South

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    He’s probably the only one I can tolerate.
  12. That went well! :lol:

    Can't disagree with the ones you've posted (although personally a huge fan of Dad's Army) but these were definitely the diamonds in the rough.

    You get my point though, some very poor stuff produced in and around that period.
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  13. Dagzd1973

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    You are old. Why fight it. You'll be bigging up On the Buses next, Granda.

    (OT: This was considered a 10/10 studmuffin in 70's Britain...

    [​IMG] :cool:)
  14. ErichZann

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    Friends, Big Bang Theory, Will and Grace.....that sort of shite.
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  15. Discopants91

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    The bastard Good Life.
  16. Arkle

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    Some poor stuff around in ant period really.
  17. Adam?
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  18. banburysafc

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    So far we've had The Office, I'm Alan Partridge, Fawlty Towers and Curb Your Enthusiasm mentioned ffs :lol:
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  19. I think some of the shows mentioned, have humour, that flies above the head of some
  20. Arkle

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    Ah, bollocks! The man who eats by the sword shits by the sword, I guess...
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