Underrated bands from the 90's.

Discussion in 'SMB' started by Junior Birdman, May 15, 2018.

  1. Used to really like these, despite claims they were a Smiths rip off. Very good.

  2. jedi_toaster

    jedi_toaster Winger

  3. knumbskull

    knumbskull Winger

    Love for the dead, remember it being on one of the shine albums.

    Ash for me, favourite band growing up

    Another class shout
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  4. Suomifinland

    Suomifinland Goalkeeper

    Hurricane #1. No worse than others about at the time.

    Curve. Unfairly lumbered with Garbage copyists. Better than that.
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  5. dangermows

    dangermows Striker

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  6. Underrated, not overrated.
  7. dangermows

    dangermows Striker

  8. Amazing how many were around at the time.

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  9. jedi_toaster

    jedi_toaster Winger

    The Supernaturals.
  10. I see what you did there. Very clever. To be fair, I loved Definitely Maybe when it was released. They never bettered this though. Despite what people may think...
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  11. Mickdundee

    Mickdundee Subs Bench

  12. HIV!
  13. Jasper

    Jasper Striker

    Hawley on guitar :cool:


    Horror Head is a tune like.
  14. Mickdundee

    Mickdundee Subs Bench

    That and Spinal Meningitis are the tracks I always skip on “Chocolate and Cheese”. Love “Voodoo Lady” and “Freedom of 76” though.
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  15. vote quimby

    vote quimby Striker

    Used to like Cast. I believe they're doing a tour this year/next year.
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  16. Reptilia

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  17. fyl2u

    fyl2u Striker

    One of the few bands I've ever heard that I've thought were even shitter than Oasis.

    You've got to flyyyyyy.

    Piss off, you whiney fucker and learn how to sing. Awful awful band.

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  18. Quench

    Quench Winger

    Red House Painters
    Built To Spill
  19. The Exile

    The Exile Striker

    Saw Gene half a dozen times in the 90s. Terrific. They weren't really that much like The Smiths looking back on it but they were the nearest comparison. Ironic that it was used as a stick to beat them with by people who lapped up whatever Oasisalike shite they were presented with.
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