UK car industry decimated by EU Membership

Discussion in 'SMB' started by The Partisan, Mar 13, 2018.

  1. Dmac1969

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    What car industry? It’s all foreign owned anyway so the profits all go abroad , unless you fancy buying a Morgan or McLaren.
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  2. Randy Ostrich

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    I'm going to encourage all my family to go out and buy a new Aston Martin to support British industry. Don't know why i didn't think of it before tbf
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    TVR :cool:

  4. Randy Ostrich

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    It could be said, but it would still be bollocks.

    Germany exports about 75% of its production. Although we're the biggest single export destination for German cars, we're 800,000 out of 2.7m in the EU or around 30%, meaning the rest of the EU is 70%.

    We export around 77% of our production, with the EU accounting for 56% of them. i.e. we're the ones that'll be "well fecked"
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  5. Hull_Mackem

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    Of course not. Brexit is a complete disaster as most sensible people know. But we are stuck with it.
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  6. safcsafc

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    People who are driving Audi, merc, bmw or other imported car are hardly likely to switch to aNissan juke post brexit are they (or any other car built st the sunderland plant).
    Also as Nissan is Japanese what is the incentive for them to stay here with tariffs on the majority of their production? A tarrif they wouldnt have if they moved to an eu country?

    When I worked at Nissan they used to bid on the productuon of cars for x amount of years in competition with other Nissan factories.

    If that's still the case it wouldn't cost them to much to move each car to different factories already set up and that aren't working to full capacity. At the same time slow down production at the Nissan plant. Go to 1 line, reduce shift pattern, number of stations etc.

    Hope it never happens but it wouldn't be to hard or that costly for them to do I don't think.
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    The mad loon is back :lol:

    Where's yer website?
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    Its not. It one of Len's actual mates
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    Ahhhh. Reet. :lol:
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  14. taipeisafc

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    That would be partly Italian owned Aston Martin which IIRC has signed a deal to use Mercedes engines and a bunch of other bits in future.
  15. Gerrin, Loopy Len is back. :lol:
  16. yamar1

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    Rover too. Shite.
  17. taipeisafc

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    What proportion of UK Car sales are through Leases now? It seems a lot of people lease cars rather than buy - I suspect a few extra quid a month on leases won't put people off owning the latest Audi or BMW?
  18. molthemackem

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    Losing 30% out of anyones back pocket is a fecking huge big hole.
  19. WHD

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    Which the German car companies are going to reluctantly accept - or maybe they won't have to as luxury car buyers in the UK will pay the extra the tariffs add to BMWs, Audis and Mercs
  20. molthemackem

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    There will be a whole new opportunity for cars being imported from the States that are of comparable quality..

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