UK car industry decimated by EU Membership

Discussion in 'SMB' started by The Partisan, Mar 13, 2018.

  1. The Exile

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    What'll happen at worst is reciprocal tariffs will cancel each other out. Nothing will be allowed to halt the flow of money and profit.

    Yeah yeah, 'impossible' etc.
  2. WHD

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    The problem with this argument is, as the UK car industry is foreign owned, the companies will just up sticks and move if tariffs make their cars unprofitable to export. German car companies will not leave Germany.
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  3. ravydavygravy

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    The German issue.....

    Will they take the hit economically for the greater good of their united Europe?

    I'm gonna say...Nein
  4. The Exile

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    Costs a few quid to do, that.
  5. PTR

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    Then cut VAT on car purchases so that we match the import tax - so consumers in the UK pay no extra.
  6. WHD

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    What does?
  7. nahwee

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    Honest question, Germany is a EU member, how come their car industry has'nt been decimated?
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  8. Hull_Mackem

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    So after all that rant the OP is saying bring in tarrifs, which will make it more expensive for the consumer. How is that good?
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  9. Possibly because the workforce didn't behave like absolute shithouses and sat down with the management and sorted things out to the benefit of both parties. This ensured a harmonious workplace where quality and quantity improved.
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  10. WHD

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    1) They still will be able to export tariff free to the rest of the EU.
    2) They own their own industry, so won't leave Germany if they see a downturn in sales.
    3) They mainly produce luxury brands, so a few grand extra on BMW or a merc probably won't put a British buyer off as much as few grand on a Nissan or a Toyota would for a buyer on the continent.
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  11. I bet the young lads buying a Citroen C1 as a starter car will be owa the knocker to know that they can get themselves an Aston Martin instead.:lol:
    Or maybe they can get themselves a Talbot Horizon. What a load of old bollocks.:lol:
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  12. Secret Visage

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    Hello Sunbeam.
  13. spitfire

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    At the minute cars imported into the US (including from the EU) attract a 2.5% tariff, whereas cars imported into the EU from the US attract a 10% tariff. You can see why trump is rattling on about unfair trade etc. Could the EU moan if he increased the tariff to 10%. I though I would just hoy this in as a tangent.
  14. MickeyV

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    Almost all those cars are produced by foreign companies. The Japanese obviously; Jag/Land Rover is Indian; Rolls/Bentley is VW; Vauxhall is French; Ford is American and haven't produced cars here for 20 years, shifting Transit production to Turkey 5 years ago. Lotus and Aston are the British owned industry.
    The British car and motorbike industries were destroyed by incompetent management who were more interested in building there own internal empires than building world class products (which we do now, with an almost entirely unionised labour force BTW) The cars you mention weren't even that good when they were state of the art. The Austin Allegro? The Rover 214? Anyone??
    Unions and people like 'Red Robbo' are easy media targets, but they were kicking back against a bull-headed 'officer class' that had largely learned their management skills in the Forces during WWII, when people gave orders rather than negotiate solutions. For example, the management of Triumph engineered the Stag to make sure it could not take the Rover V8 engine which would have guaranteed massive US sales, because it wanted to develop it's own engines, though realistically it was never going to have the capital. But the Unions were an easy target so it was their fault. The back-bench Tories who started this clusterfuck are the kind of people who want to bring those attitudes back in the name of 'freedom' from regulation and the ECJ.
    And lots of people bought it. Take Back Control?
    We don't Take; we are Mackems, and we our communities and society in general...and through taxes and charities.
    Back? To a time when we had an Empire to dictate rules to? Most of those countries are in Trade Areas themselves now, so good luck getting round their rules.
    Control? Tell the truth now... what do people like us control?
    Never mind. Keep your eye on the pie in the sky.
    I have never had a job BTW, European of otherwise, except a spell at Cummins when I was a kid. The freedom to make a good life and a piss-pot full of money existed inside my head, and I worked to make it happen. Slogans don't work.
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  15. redgauntlet

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    quality, something we didn't have.
  16. The Exile

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    Upping sticks.

    Building new factory.
    Closing down old one.
    Training new staff.
    Laying off old staff.
  17. WHD

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    It makes you wonder why Nissan bothered opening a factory in Sunderland in the first place, if it is so expensive.

    Actually, the answer is obvious - the cost of setting up will be outweighed by the profits to be made, so I'm sure they would do it again somewhere else if the expected profits say it's worth it. Likewise closing a plant down, which many multi national companies have done in the past.
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  18. Goldeneye

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    Any foreign owned manufacturing firm (which is nearly every major company in Britain) will pack their bags and go to the continent if we leave the single market and customs union. That is the only reason many companies are sited in Britain. The disruption to supply chains thanks to the chaos that will ensue at airports and ports when every vehicle and person needs to be checked if we end up on WTO terms which the Brexiteers love will see to that.
    Bombardier in Northern Ireland producing new aircraft, Airbus in Bristol and South Wales the last vestige of our aviation industry, Rolls Royce in Derby with Trent engines, Nissan up here, chemical and pharmaceutical firms to name a few. All tens of thousands skilled jobs that help the country pay its way and improve the trade deficit we stand to lose the way things are going. Is that an economic price worth paying for 'taking back control'?
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  19. MickeyV

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    They did their research and found they had access to a committed workforce that could consistently produce a quality product. Mackems! But they are not sentimental like me. When the numbers don't stack up, they will be off. The French part-ownership doesn't help.
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  20. molthemackem

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    It could be said that by stopping German cars coming into the UK, Dear Deutschland car industry would be well fecked over... Sort out the job loss'es there Mrs Merkel

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