UK car industry decimated by EU Membership

Discussion in 'SMB' started by The Partisan, Mar 13, 2018.

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    After reading the rubbish posted on here by Remainiacs lets us have some facts concerning the UK car industry and EU membership.

    We import far more cars from the EU than we export. This, for the benefit of remainiacs and Labour voters, is what is known as a deficit. I.e. buying more than sell or importing more than you export.

    In reality, what this means is the EU is seriously damaging our own car industry.

    Last year the UK had a trade deficit with the EU of some £61bn. That is quite a lot of money! £29bn of this shameful figure is a direct consequence of importing cars from Germany and France.

    So we lose access to the single market and go to WTO terms. Big deal!

    If the EU want to impose tariffs on UK built cars sold in the EU then the UK will reciprocate. Since we import more than export it could be quite a money earner. Based on current figures a 10% duty on EU made cars could generate nearly £3bn for the Treasury a year.

    If the EU wants to play hardball - we ban the import of German and French cars in the short to medium term and provide incentives to encourage UK consumers to buy UK built cars.

    Over a million jobs in Germany are reliant on the sale of cars to the UK. Do you really think German business and the German Government is going to risk all those jobs for the European Union?

    People may not like doing without their VW's, Audi, BMW, Mercedes or Citroen but there is still plenty of choice.

    The growth in demand for Nissan, Honda, Toyota, Jaguar, Ford, Vauxhall, Land Rover, Rolls Royce, Bentley, Lotus, Aston Martin, etc will more then alleviate the treat of job losses that arises as a result of not exporting cars to the EU.

    We could even bring back historic Marques with modern recreations of Triumph, Rover, MG, Austin Healey, Alvis, Talbot – who manufactured some of the best cars ever produced – before the Labour and their trade union friends brought the industry to its knees in the 60’s and 70’s.

    So Nissan workers, ignore those who want to sell your nation to a foreign power. They probably have EU funded Jobs and are only looking after their own interests.
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    You'd love the politics forum.
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    I’ve posted something similar a number of time, albeit in shorter form! ;)

    Which was ignored. In short although the EU are playing a hard game at the moment, they will soften because like it or not they will impact their own exports of they don’t.
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    Wouldn't say Talbot produced some of the best cars ever produced like.
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    That's a canny assumption mind.

    Don't Nissan export 80% or cars or something like that.
    If other eu countries do as you suggest we do then theres up to an 80% fall in Sunderland plants production. You think car sales in England will make up for that? I doubt it.
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    You are making an assumption that these companies will keep manufacturing cars in this country. That is a huge assumption especially seeing the majority of them already have existing factories in mainland Europe.

    A big part of the problem with modern manufacturing is that the parts which go together to make the product often come from various countries - so for example (and this is a made up example), the engine may come from Belgium, the tyres from Italy, the starter motor from Germany, the windows from France and the car assembled in the UK. The final car might then be exported to Spain. All of these goods have to cross borders and at the moment that isn't a problem. But if there is tax due every time something crosses our border it becomes a major issue.
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    810,000 of the 2.7m cars sold in the UK last year originate in Germany alone. Nissan in Sunderland made 507k over all - 350k went overseas..
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    Double spaced.
    Full of wafflebollocks.

    To the Politics Forum with you!
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    Why wouldn't they keep making these cars in UK if there is a market in the UK for the goods?
  12. Roger

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    Because they could import them - 80% of our production is currently exported.
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    One of a few areas where tariff free deals will be done to protect both sides.
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    bugger, I ate all my popcorn on the other thread:(
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    ^^ This ^^
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    So the UK is going to be self sufficient and we are all going to drive UK built cars?

    Only one problem with that, the vast majority of the industry is foreign owned so after brexit they may decide to leave the country anyway - even the "British brands" like land rover and mini.
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    Did you ever own a British car? I did, several,absolute rubbish. The problem was that from design to quality control they just didn't cut the mustard.

    And some of those components might cross borders up to five time. Brexit means each border crossing cost money, how on earth can we compete with countries in an open market who won't have these tariffs to pay. A no brainer, there is only one solution, stay. The EU have us over a barrel, you do not become great by drastically reducing the size of your market and by making yourself uncompetitive to boot.

    Source please. I don't do assumptions, especially from anyone daft enough to vote us worse off.
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    It's common sense to people who don't believe that other posters control their internet, or that the Russians are everywhere.
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    So no source then, even though German car makers have said the opposite as in they will accept tariffs.
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