Uganda for a week alone

Discussion in 'SMB' started by Billy Fish, May 14, 2019.

  1. Travis

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    Just got back from filming in Lake Bunyonyi, Kabale. Most beautiful place I’ve ever been.
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    A bit homework might of helped ,some places aren't touristy for a reason
  4. Billy Fish

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    You're talking about a lad I had to talk out of going to Baghdad a couple of years ago.
  5. Monty Pigeon

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    Kampala is horrendous. I liked it ten years ago, but this year I spent countless hours stuck in traffic. It's quite common to get your watch or phone nicked while you're in a traffic jam, so tell him to be careful. I'd also be wary about using boda-boda motorcycle taxis. Some of the drivers are crooks, but also the accident rate is pretty high - and the passengers aren't usually wearing a helmet.

    Jinja's more laid back, though there is an armed gang at large attacking hotels and lodges at night (the one I mentioned was the first to get done in January, and they've beefed up their security). On the whole, you can chill along that stretch of the River Nile, food's good, beer's cheap.

    Just tell him to leave plenty of time to get to Entebbe Airport when he leaves. It's about a 6-hour drive, depending on traffic on the Kampala by-pass, and then there are several security hurdles when you reach the airport - you even have to get out of the vehicle on the approach road to walk through a scanner.
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    We sent a lad over to there to do some graft for us, he came back early and handed his notice in :lol:
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    Love Ugandan discussions me
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    You idi...ot.
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  9. Billy Fish

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    He’s been using the boda-boda bikes to get round everywhere but only on the Uber app which seems safer but they are so expensive - went to the other side of Kampala, took forty minutes and he got charged 20p...
    He’s doing Jinja for the day tomorrow then heading around Entebbe for the last few days so it’ll be a short trip to the airport and his flights in the early hours so traffic shouldn’t be a problem.
    He’s actually enjoyed Kampala, reckons everyone he’s met has been friendly and helpful and no-one has had any edge at all.

    Thanks for all the advice and comments from all
  10. Idi where?
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    Why in God’s name would you choose Uganda as a holiday destination?
  12. He has a spirit for adventure?
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    I guess some people do.

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