Uganda for a week alone

Discussion in 'SMB' started by Billy Fish, May 14, 2019.

  1. Billy Fish

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    Right, the Lads in Uganda for a week on his own, starting in Kampala but I think he’s seen enough of there already. Any suggestions where or what he can do?
  2. zwartekat

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    Might have been an idea to think about this before he got there.

    Nee offence, like.
  3. andy

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    Give me Amin and I'll get back to you.
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  5. Goat Eyes

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    Uganda Uganda with out a clue where Uganda, mental.
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  6. U-gan U-gand-a (always sing that little ditty whenever that place is mentioned:lol:). Not the safest of places to visit, hope your son is okay and has an enjoyable experience.
  7. kamaras-tash

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  8. jubblies

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  9. Billy Fish

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    He’s got a few ideas of his own, heading out to Lake Victoria being one, but I think he’d figured on staying around Kampala for a few days first. Now he’s been there for a few hours and has realised that every second person is a mugger and it’s not overly safe travelling out after it gets dark at six he’s after seeing some more salubrious parts of the country and that’s where the SMB comes in
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  10. zwartekat

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    What's this?
  11. Goat Eyes

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    You been like?
  12. Billy Fish

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    Me trying to spell salubrious
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  15. Billy Fish

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  17. DurhamRedStripe

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    Keep seeing this on here, what does it mean?
  18. kamaras-tash

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    Definitely Not A Sex Holiday
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  19. Cypher

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    Got luck with that.

    Anything to get away from the wife though anyway.

    Quick edit - no offence to any Ugandans
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