UFC/MMA Thread - 2013

Everyone worries too much about his takedown to let themselves throw only Ferguson has a chance to match him. He wo t worry as much about the takedown.
Kahbibs awesome like he's like glue


Interesting press conference last night -

Diaz v Masvidal confirmed for UFC244
No title fights at UFC244, wants Diaz fight to be a 5 rounder and didn't want a title fight being below a non-title on the card
Confirmed Tony Ferguson has been offered to fight Khabib next and if he says no it's going to McGregor.


Glutton for punishment. Why not rematch Diaz and get a pay day where you might stand a chance instead of getting smashed by Khabib?
His egos bigger than Dublin, he will think he can win. He's absolutely minted now, he doesn't exactly need to fight. He wants to because he wants the attention. FFS hes the "Notorious"