UFC/MMA Thread - 2013

Discussion in 'SMB' started by West Ryder, May 24, 2013.

  1. sketchy

    sketchy Midfield

    Canny odds.

    I am tempted by cyborg by sub at 11/1. if holly is clipping her cyborg has a massive advantage on the ground
  2. CheersMarra84

    CheersMarra84 Winger

    Aye, which is why I think he’ll take it to the floor. It was a little scare for him.
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  3. Idlewild Mackem

    Idlewild Mackem Striker

    Well, Khabib absolutely lit him up and toyed with him on the ground. He's a scary motherfucker. Pretty boring card overall though I thought, didn't really enjoy any of the fights.
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  4. Underwhelming card.

    That horrible bastard cyborg seen the holly kicks all night :(
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  5. Mackem DJ

    Mackem DJ Striker

    Wasnt that impressed with Cyborg

    Why didnt Khabib go for the finish against Barboza? Joe Rogan was bizzarely telling EBs corner to throw the towel in after R1 yet he still nearly took Khabibs head off 10 minutes later.

    He loves over egging things Joe, I’ve seen far worse poundings and seen far more punishment taken and easily absorbed.

    Again. A boring underwhelming decision filled card.
  6. vote quimby

    vote quimby Striker

    Khabib gives me chills. He's an animal. Even when Barboza landed, it had little, if any effect. Where you at Conor?
  7. xmfd

    xmfd Winger

    Just can't bring myself like Cyborg for some reason. I thought Holly landed some good shots herself but Cyborg just walked through them with her manly face and body.

    If Conor was thinking about coming back to UFC I doubt he is after watching Khabib the other night. He is going to dominate for a while.

    Agree it was a pretty shite card. Next one will be better !
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  8. Nunes next for cyborg
  9. CheersMarra84

    CheersMarra84 Winger

    Has that been confirmed mate? I thought Cyborg said she wouldn’t fight her? I’d love to see it though.
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  11. The UFC needs to take the belt off McGregor asap, I don't believe he has any intention of defending it, he's only interested in money fights, not fighting the best. If he fights Khabib, he will get mauled, and I don't think he stands much of a chance against most fighters in that division.
  12. :lol::lol::lol: At all of this
  13. What's funny?
  14. Update crom cyborg

    Sound like she wants fuck all to do with nunes
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  15. CheersMarra84

    CheersMarra84 Winger

    :lol: Fuck sake! The only fight I can think of making for her is Cyborg v Megan Anderson. They’ve literally created a weight division to accommodate her, and she’s turning down fights, I don’t think she got that luxury to be honest.
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  16. vote quimby

    vote quimby Striker

    Probably just scared in case she kills her.
    It's a shame really, the next person in line is Megan Anderson and she's nowhere near ready. Nunes will offer no more than what Holly did.
  17. Idlewild Mackem

    Idlewild Mackem Striker

    Holloway v Edgar! Fucking yes man, that's the fight I want to see at FW.

    Also, for those of you who train, can you recommend a good headguard and gum shield?
  18. I thought it was the second round but could be wrong

    His face wasn't cut to bits but he was being totally outclassed by him and the score card had him winning by a massive margin. I didn't think it was a bad idea when he said it
  19. CheersMarra84

    CheersMarra84 Winger

    Whittaker’s out of his fight with Rockhold with an injury.

    Romero v Rockhold now for the Interim Title at 221. I’m gutted but still a good fight.
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  20. Idlewild Mackem

    Idlewild Mackem Striker

    Fuck, that's really disappointing. Nightmare for the organisation too with it being in Australia, bet Whittaker isn't looked at favourably from here.

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