UFC/MMA Thread - 2013

Discussion in 'SMB' started by West Ryder, May 24, 2013.

  1. A load of rumours flying around mate. I've heard from people in and around Crumlin that it kicked off last weekend. The Kinehan mob went around kicking in doors looking for him. There is a rumour that he has a few women on the go and that was the reason for the fight in The Forge Pub but he hit the wrong bloke. His family are meant to be in Spain. I don't know if any of this is true but that's what is going around atm.

    He seems to have gone off the rails.
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  2. There’s a few on here with links round Crumlin and ear to the ground in Dublin.
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  3. coyneeee

    coyneeee Winger


    Which makes his actions even more baffling tbh. His popularity is severely declining and Irish gangland is an extremely complicated thing and it's not exclusively a thing in Ireland either, I know Majorca has a major Irish gang problem which are linked so he really needs to wind his neck in a bit.
  4. safcsafc

    safcsafc Midfield

    Every family in Ireland familiar with the others :)
    You've said nothing that isn't on Facebook already man.
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  5. Conor will go through these druggies with his lethal left hand no bother.
  6. Eh? Not sure what u mean with top paragraph mate. Daily mail /mma junkie etc basically reported what you said.

    And why mention the cheating on lass if you don't believe it.??


    And back to ufc.

    Lil heathen v Korean superboy for fight night in Jan

    Quality fight that like.
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  7. Fred Secrets

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    True. There's about 4 million people here & I can honestly say that I know every single one of them. No exaggeration.
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  8. itscoldinhere

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    Rogan and Schaub were discussing the McGregor thing on Rogans new MMA podcast.not that I care really but he does create havoc where ever he goes.
  9. coyneeee

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    Love listening to Joe Rogan's podcasts.
  10. xmfd

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    What did you's think of last nights card? Thought it was class personally, really enjoyed the last few UFCs. Holloway is class, and that knockout in the previous fight :eek: most violent KO I've seen
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  11. daveydavey

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    Shame to see Aldo like that. Holloway was good but I thought Aldo didn't really bring anything there apart from one or two good leg kicks in the second
  12. CheersMarra84

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    Alvarez v Gaethje lived up to the hype. It was a good card, I really enjoyed it. I’m fucked now like.

    Aldo needs to reassess his career, I can’t see him winning another title at 145.
  13. xmfd

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    Aldo is finished I thought. Overeem as well.

    Alvarez Gaethje was fight of the night.
  14. CheersMarra84

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    Really looking forward to Stipe v Ngannou next year.
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  15. xmfd

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    Wonder if Stipe is scared or not... I know I would be
  16. CheersMarra84

    CheersMarra84 Winger

    Business as usual for him. Although I think one clean shot to the jaw could have him in trouble. Overeem dropped him him in their fight and he looked a bit stunned. It’ll be an interesting fight.
  17. kamaras-tash

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    Has Overeem woke up yet? :lol:
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  18. HutchSafc

    HutchSafc Striker

    Just got round to watching it. Class event. Ngannou :eek:
  19. vote quimby

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    That's the most vicious knockout of all time in my opinion and you could see it coming as soon as the ref broke them up. Reem looked sick after the ref separated them. Must have some serious whiplash off that. Poor fucker.
    If Stipe stands with him he's getting stopped and I don't think he's strong enough to wrestle him. Can't see anyone beating Nganou.
    Holloway is a joy to watch, he's brilliant. Defended his belt like a real champion does.
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  20. CheersMarra84

    CheersMarra84 Winger

    After fighting Edgar, I don’t know who else is left for him to fight at 145. I think he might have to go up to 155, or consider a super fight.

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