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Discussion in 'Pure Football' started by penno13, Jun 12, 2019.

  1. penno13

    penno13 Midfield

    anybody registering interest for euro tickets? 3 group games at Wembley, both semis and final also
  2. forzamilansafc

    forzamilansafc Striker

    Going to get my England ones up to the final through the travel club. Might see if I can do a group game in Amsterdam that doesn’t clash with England
  3. woodlebert

    woodlebert Striker

  4. The Pensioner

    The Pensioner Goalkeeper

    Will also apply through ESTC in December when we have qualified.
  5. Kumbuka

    Kumbuka Full Back

    Does anyone know what allocations are likely to be set aside for the travel club? Is it say a fixed x% per stadium, or is it more random than that?
  6. Rip Van Fish

    Rip Van Fish Striker


    Lowest price Category guaranteed

    it’s about 15% of The saleable capacity mate. The capacity does change from round to round though
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  7. Peter Crumb

    Peter Crumb Reserve Squad

    So are England guaranteed to be group d?
  8. The Pensioner

    The Pensioner Goalkeeper

    Think I’ve seen somewhere that a Team playing at a ground get up to 15% of the available capacity of that ground for its Members, (around 12k for Wembley).
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  9. penno13

    penno13 Midfield

    The travel club put a statement out that if you’ve applied/got tickets via the uefa ballot you can’t then get one through the travel club... I’ve signed up to the travel club... but when it comes round will have 0 points... which leaves us bottom of the pile I assume. It’s wether the amount of members to available tickets tally’s up, or else I assume I’d miss out for the group games at Wembley. Don’t know wether to chance it and wait for the tickets via England or apply for the relevant games through uefa. I’d say that for the knockout games, it’ll be high point based!?
  10. I take it they'd take the money now, or do they only take it from your account if you're successful? Bit of a lottery at the minute if you want England tickets because we are only guaranteed 2 of the 3 home games being at Wembley, so there's a chance you'll end up paying for one we aren't at!
  11. Applied for a couple of Wembley and a couple of Hampden then the final too
  12. The Pensioner

    The Pensioner Goalkeeper

    Yep, when England qualify they will automatically go into Group D.
    Also, IF Scotland qualify they will also automatically go into Group D.
  13. forzamilansafc

    forzamilansafc Striker

    I’ve seen mentioned somewhere that we’ll play all 3 at Wembley unless Scotland qualify in which case they’ll do a draw to see if that games at Hampden or Wembley
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  14. Aye, think so. Wouldn't surprise me if Scotland qualified like, their play off won't be too tricky. I can probably only make one group game if they take the money now (buying 4 tickets, want to apply for the final as well for the crack even though I'll have no chance and a bit skint after Wembley x 2), be typical if I chose one and it ended up being a bloody Scotland game instead!
  15. The Pensioner

    The Pensioner Goalkeeper

    Correct, other than it’s whether you get Tickets via UEFA, (rather than applied and didn’t get the Tickets). So best to have both options open if you only have a low amount of Caps.
  16. garyeaststand

    garyeaststand Full Back

    So if we win group d we will be playing in Dublin on 30th June for example ?
  17. forzamilansafc

    forzamilansafc Striker

    The same thing I read suggestion they’d only do a draw if Scotland qualified automatically, if it’s through the play offs then it’ll be at Wembley.

    They take money once successful

    Yes if we finish top, then onto Rome
  18. garyeaststand

    garyeaststand Full Back

    England aways iv been to iv bought over there so nee caps think al risk Dublin and Rome and apply for final too
  19. Have they qualified already like?
  20. Yeah, UEFA know it's coming home so they've facilitated an early qualification ;)

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