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Discussion in 'SMB' started by mcq10, Oct 25, 2018.

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    thats why he's the "housewives choice" :lol:
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    Mind you. I order mine online now. Pay then arrange to get them fitted. Good brand tyres tend to be a lot cheaper.
  4. Another vote for black circles.com
  5. Mango killa

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    Another vote for tones tyres, the mechanical garage i use has a reminder to check your wheel nut tightness at the bottom of the invoice so read into that what you will.
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  6. Jack Wolforskin

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    Even an upside down tyre?
  7. Kwik Fit, as part of the service they'll also kindly point out other 'defects' on your car and scare you with the consequences of not getting them fixed.
  8. joemcdokes

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    Happened to me when getting an exhaust done in the late 90's, never been back since or ever have any intention to, I was polite and never told them to fuck off mind.
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    Peacocks just down from Steels club and the owner is a MLF.
  10. jarramackem

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    Charlie Browns in Roker
  11. mcq10

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    They did that to our lass a few years ago when she went in to get a new tyre that had punctured and couldn’t be repaired.

    Instead of ringing me she went ahead with getting new brake pads and discs on all four wheels as they claimed they were illegal. (They were not).

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    Riveting content

    You not know how to use google?
  13. Dennis

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    Costs peanuts, etc
  14. Butcher's Coat

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    I've got 4 VW alloys up for grabs.
    if interested.pm me
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    What size marrow?
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    Not sure blackcircles.com is all that, checked on there and they were £30 more expensive than Kwick Fit for the same tyres. Worth shopping around if you know what you want.
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    You’re the one who must have been searching for six month old threads to bump yet you have the nerve to criticise other posters?
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    Nah he was saying my threads were boring

    This was the first thread I found by him. Proper page turner isn’t it?
  19. They were around £20 more expensive than Halfords for 4 Dunlop tyres for me.....and I got £40 back in shopping vouchers.
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    Six months is a long time in the tyre game

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