Twickenham for the rugby

Discussion in 'SMB' started by MackneyHackem, Mar 13, 2018.

  1. NYMackem

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    It's basically Quidditch but played by fat posh lads, with more fighting and less broomsticks. There's loads of rules, but many of them relate to play that can only be seen and interpreted by the referee. Buying the programme and looking at what each position does is the best way to get enough understanding to enjoy the game.
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  2. Royston Vasey

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    There are no rules. The ref just makes them up each game.
  3. if they don't know the rules then they ask to have a look at the telly
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  4. G

    G Midfield

    Care to expand on how that is?
  5. robbied1

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    The concourses are the worst i have ever experienced
  6. MackneyHackem

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    This is why I asked. Someone said "it's not like a footy stadium, it's mad" but then didn't bother elaborating.
  7. G

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    I was there to see U2 last summer and they didn’t seem to bad although they had foood vans and bars open outside and there seemed plenty space inside compared to the SoL. Granted it would be different for the rugby.
  8. Carpets

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    You should really try NFL it's better.
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  9. MackneyHackem

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    I'm not sure I have that sort of power tbh mate.
  10. errant

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    that £34 qpr lifted seems like a bargain now...
  11. How so? I've never had any problems with them before, even when it's been full. Easy enough to get a drink and plenty of space in my experience. Whereabouts in the ground have you experienced problems?
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  12. humbug

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    we often go for the autumn internationals. i'm usually not bothered about drinking that much but if i fancy a pint before the game there's plenty of choice inside and outside the ground in the fans area canny real ale bar last couple of times outside the west stand. pricey but it is what it is.
    never had any bother with the queues for ale, it's all pretty well organised. never known the concourses to be all that bad really.
    after the game it will take a while for the tube but it is what it is and at least the queue always seems to be moving albeit slowly.
    enjoy your day mate.
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  13. The Hesford Diet

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    If you're after scran there's a decent chippy just outside the station, turn right, stay on that side of the road, then just the other side of the pelican crossing. I've never known it to get packed because so many people wander down towards the stadium without even looking at what's around them.

    Further down there's a home and in the front garden doing a roaring trade in freshly cooked doughnuts. They're canny.
  14. saintquin

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    Get a drink away from the stadium before the game if I was you. Beer inside £5.50 a pint. Don't forget you take a beer to your seat.
    To miss the queues after the game you could hang around the bars in the stadium as there probably be a live band at one and karaoke in another!
    Inside the bowl of the stadium it's fairly good but it can get very, very cold if windy around the concourses.
    There's loads of room around the stadium and, you're allowed to smoke there if you want.
    I think you get a better choice of food then at just about any football ground I've been to.
    As for the "laws" of the game, nobody understands them entirely so just accept that the ref's correct!
    Just go with the flow and have a great day.


    Get yourself a corporate jolly, free food and drink all day for Rodders :cool:
  16. There are a few that set up with food, 1 house does a canny trade in hot dogs, much cheaper than anything "official" in or around the stadium.

    Absolutely cracking rugby venue, take away the shit bone-shaker trains that come in from Reading and are always packed both ways, and it's fantastic.
  17. Someone picks the ball up then has a lie down. All the fat lads pile on and they tickle each other for 5 minutes then the ref blows his whistle and the one pretty boy in the team kicks the ball over the bar.
  18. mcq10

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    Only wankers play rugby iirc
  19. 3.142

    3.142 Midfield

    Turks head is a good shout as well as the white swan. also a shout out for the old goat if you get the train into Fulwell and then a bit of a pub crawl towards the ground. also worth going that way afterwards to get the train.
  20. SargentQ

    SargentQ Striker

    Went for england Wales a few weeks ago, first time aswell. Easy to get to, couldn’t believe how quick we got back to central after the game, loads of bars in the ground and big open concourses. We went to the pub straight outside the station , which got busy but not uncomfortably busy, had the footy on aswell

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