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Discussion in 'SMB' started by Dave Herbal, Apr 15, 2019.

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    I find this philosophy a touch strange. Kids need time to themselves to be themselves. They need to form their own opinion about what they like and need time for this to develop. As long as the parent manages this time correctly, it’s of benefit to the child.
    I’m not advocating allowing them to just watch tv all day either.
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    And turn the volume up, otherwise she'll miss out
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    Good post.
  4. Bet you missus loves you. ;)
  5. Job done.
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    Is it shit. It’s your refuge from your dick parents when you’re a kid.
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    If you've got Sky downstairs, good solution would be to grab a cheap second hand PS3 or Xbox360 and add Sky Go+ onto your sky account and you can turn the console pretty much into a Sky box with the app
  8. We only have 1 TV that has channels on, and that's in the living room, and only goes on really when my parents visit. Youngest has an Xbox and a 4K TV for it, never tuned it for TV channels, plus his iPad, eldest has a laptop and his phone, I have a laptop and iPad. When we're all together when I'm home, we just don't watch TV at all. That said, I'm debating wether to put one in the kitchen we're having done. It's an open plan Island type kitchen with bi-fold door to the patio, I can probably can see me having some beers in the garden while watching some sport.
  9. Fair point regarding the toys, but that's not what I was getting at....

    He said he had a TV in the playroom, but wouldn't allow one in the bedroom as they will disappear into their bedrooms all night.....surely they will do the same in the playroom......
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    "Wouldn't dream of having a TV in the bedroom"

    Eh :)

    Some people man
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    Are you 70 or something?
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    In the 90s kids were restricted to a choice of limited live tv hours, or recorded material on dvd or video. Parents could control what they watched and when. These days with 24/7 services and easy access to porn I would never allow a child a bedroom tv.

    I would also recommend a central point downstairs for recharging phones and tablets overnight so that the child doesn’t get used to having them by them 24/7.

    Children today are often less confident, less happy and much more influenced by outside of the family sources. More of them self harm or attempt suicide. A lot of the blame for this can be directly attributed to the 24/7 nature of their interactions with other children. That’s before you even get to the effect on schoolwork of having sat up all night watching tv.

    Im guessing that you’ve got no kids!
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    You are mental tbf tho.
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    When i was a bairn i had a 14" Ferguson portable telly in my room.
    I didnt have an outside aerial though...just one of those plug in ones that you had to climb all over your room with to try and get a half decent picture.

    A TV in their room is a godsend tbh.
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    Jesus Christ man. There’ll be kids trying to get put into borstal just so they can watch a bit fucking telly without their parents :lol:
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    Washing powder is no good for getting a signal...
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    But a Disney princess might be?
  19. We have a big TV in the sitting room but no TV or gadgets in the bedrooms, my bairn reads for a bit in bed and he's happy with that. He basically sees his room as just somewhere to sleep, he has a room full of toys but never plays with them (unless his little mates pop round).
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    I took the tv out of our bedroom about a year ago and I've never slept better.

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