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TV upstairs

Discussion in 'SMB' started by Dave Herbal, Apr 15, 2019.

  1. Ours turn the iPads etc off when we tell them

    Seems some on here don’t have very good control
  2. Dave Herbal

    Dave Herbal Striker

    It also means if she’s upstairs on her own TV I can get on the PlayStation.
  3. Remotes are usually reliable.

    Remote parenting isn't so good though.

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  4. Kevsgreat

    Kevsgreat Striker

    Now TV has a Kids pass, £3.99 a month and it has Cartoon Network on it.
  5. maygo

    maygo Winger

    This. There's some fucking Dickensian parenting going on right here. There's 5 of us in my house and (look at me) we've got 7 tellies dotted about
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  6. Dave Herbal

    Dave Herbal Striker

    Otherwise I have to sit there twiddling my thumbs until they’ve gone to bed. What else am I going to do til 10.30 at night?

    Just noticed your edit :lol: Same difference
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  7. Stone me, no telly this, no gadgets that.....just be a parent and limit the time they can use them, my 2 have had TV's in their rooms from about 6 years old, and I had no issues with either when it was time for bed we turned the TV off.....simple as that......

    Seems gadgets are ok when it suits......

    Is it ok to disappear into the toy room all night, I don't really see the difference....
    Last edited: Apr 15, 2019
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  8. CatRyan

    CatRyan Striker

    The difference is that playing with toys engages their imagination and hand eye coordination etc
    They aren't being barraged by adverts

    Not all night though

    There should be some parenting going on
  9. Andy_Roker1983

    Andy_Roker1983 Striker

    I love a tv in the bedroom it helps me sleep tbh. I go to bed earlier too as I think I’ll watch the rest of this in bed and usually fall asleep.

    Kids both have TVs too. Basically let them watch a dvd when they go to bed for 30mins with sleep on and then it goes off. If they took the piss they would lose the tele. Simple as that. My eldest gets a bit longer sometimes as she’s older especially in school holidays.

    There’s times we’re watching things that aren’t suitable for her to watch so don’t mind her playing on the x box or watching something upstairs in the holidays.
    Last edited: Apr 15, 2019
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  10. Not another Kate and Gerry post.
    Your edit was too slow mate.
  11. hefty em

    hefty em Striker

    Now TV will have it on, the kids package thing. Fairly cheap and hassle free way of doing it.
  12. Andy_Roker1983

    Andy_Roker1983 Striker


    I blame the phone!
  13. AndrewP

    AndrewP Striker

    Nowtv kids is about £3 a month.
  14. Goat Eyes

    Goat Eyes Striker

    Hardcore porn?
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  15. Andy_Roker1983

    Andy_Roker1983 Striker

    Exactly, things like that :lol:
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  16. In moderation it's perfectly fine especially during school holiday time. I fully admit to guiding my 4yo to his tablet when I can see he's ready for a bit winding down time. I have Amazon kids on his so have it set to age apropiate stuff for him so I haven't got to watch over his shoulder to make sure he's not watching out he shouldn't. Unrealistic to expect anyone to keep up play time for hour after hour all day long.
  17. mcq10

    mcq10 Striker

    I’m no Luddite. The bairn has an Amazon kids tablet and she can watch shows on it if she wants.

    I just think that the a kids bedroom should be free of gadgets. I refuse to have a tv in my own bedroom. Bedroom is for sleeping in.
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  18. maygo

    maygo Winger

    Not for bairns it isn't, it's where they can play, bring their mates, blast their own music
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  19. I coulndt imagine my bedroom without a Tele in tbh. It's a great get away when winding bit down time. Hardly a night goes by when me and the Mrs dont put the Tele on when we come to bed. I have Iptv set up in front room, kitchen and our bedroom. Coulndt imagine not been able to get away the odd night to watch a bit sport. Never happier when she's got a friend over for a chin wag and I'm watching bit footy or golf in another room
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  20. Axionknight

    Axionknight Full Back

    Aye its up there with the right to a fair trial and running water.

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