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Didn't think it would be my cup of tea but the Queen's Gambit was absolutely brilliant.

Just started Ozark, Lupin next on the list.

Also To The Lake on Netflix was outstanding - watch it with the subtitles though not the dubbed version (it's Russian).
I seem to be the only person in the world who thought the Queens Gambit was utter shit.

Tropey characters, orphaned, damaged child from a genius mother, alcoholic adoptive mother, nerdy chess players, acting was utterly awful. Stopped watching when she went back to sexy journalist’s hotel room. It was so f***ing cliched I couldn’t bear it any more.

Cox Green Fc

I know its been done to death but need a new series to watch with the Mrs (no) as we are just about finished Sneaky Pete

Any recommendations?

I'll put what I've seen so no duplications

Sneaky Pete
Breaking Bad
Sons of anarchy
Better call Saul
The Boys
Brassic (highly recommend this)
The walking dead
Stranger things
Peaky Blinders
The office
The Sopranos
West world
Prison break

That's all I can remember :lol:
Sneaky pete any good mate?