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Discussion in 'SMB' started by houst69, Feb 11, 2019.

  1. Op needs something like this

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    Most people seem to like the rockits, I use yamaha speakers can’t remember the model HS something I think. They plug straight into the mixer saves using an amp or hifi.
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    Interesting. Link?
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    Yamaha HS5 Active Studio Monitor | WestendDJ London

    Pretty sure it’s them ones I’ve got, maybe another model I will check tomorrow. They plug straight into the djm 500, Doesn’t go into a djm 600 like which I think is strange that they don’t have the same leads on the back. Not sure about the other djm models. Depends what sort of mixer your using.
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    Sound. I think I have a djm 600. Typical. :rolleyes:
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    Loves the vynylz does big tern ;)

    rockits are fairly flat though - not sure they would be good for normal listening - they are built more for music production hence the flat response.

    Mind you i had a pair and used them as monitors for DJing and got shouted at by the mrs as they were on too loud :rolleyes:
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  7. I have a pair of M audio BX8 D2's for sale if they'd do. Hardly been used tbh, mainly just as a second reference.

    think i paid about £250 for them, want £160.
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  8. I've got these that pack a nice punch.

    Alesis M1 ACTIVE 520


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