Tunisia massacre

Discussion in 'SMB' started by T_Bone, Oct 12, 2018.

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    Mass attack forum this shite .
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    Yeah you posted on wrong forum :lol:
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  4. Can we sue Khazri for dereliction of duty?
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    OP is useless
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  7. T_Bone

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    Quite. Have we ever massacred Tunisia at the beautiful sport ?

    Your card is marked young un.
  8. yamar1

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  9. T_Bone

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    What makes you say that ?
  10. Some Random Guy

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    They are suing TUI. It's all about the insurers really. Hope they get a pay out but I'm not sure they should
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  13. yamar1

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    TUI had nothing to do with a Muslim lunatic with sad intentions of killing as many tourists as possible.
  14. lenshack

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    Yeh, 2-1 with an injury time winner at the last World Cup. ;)
  15. T_Bone

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    I was thinking the same. I wouldn't take my family to Tunisia for a holiday but money speaks and some folk would same with Egypt. But then..
  16. Caer_Urfa

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    I stayed in that hotel when I was an apprentice and couldn't afford much else. Nowadays you couldn't pay me to go to these shithole countries.
  17. yamar1

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    Unfortunately the relatives are wasting their time here imo, probley some sad law firm looking for a few bob too. TUI may give a token payout for good publicity, but are no way liable.
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  18. Its Him Again

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    Unbelievable that people are still going on holiday there. Oh let's show people that we are not scared. Nuggets
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  19. lenshack

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    Couple of my pals were caught in the middle of it.
    Suffice to say they’ve crossed Tunisia off their future holiday list.
  20. r@mside

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    I don't think the Foreign Office provided a travel warning until after the incident, hard to see how the travel company could be expected to know more than the government ministry.
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