Tuesday night drink


Done a bar crawl all day in Newcastle yesterday and had 20 pints which is a new personal best, a drink today is the last thing on me mind.


Anyone having one ? Bought myself 2 bottles of prosecco then when I get through them got rum and gin in the cupboard. May as well.
I used to really enjoy a pint of 10p lager in Ku Club on a Tuesday/Wednesday many full moons ago.


I went to the Racecourse bar in Tengiz, Kazakhstan, 400 Tenge for a pint of Efes. Or tp put it another way, 81p


22 days since I had a sweet, sweet beer.
I had a decaf coffee and a yorkie last night as a treat.
Happy fucking days.


Might be having a few tonight - just finishing up 4 days of 12 hour nightshifts - might even have one before i gan to kip!
No wonder you drive everywhere at 10 mph below the speed limit after quaffing that lot on a school night.
If I do have a drink in the week it'll be 1-3 cans of Tyskie, which as previously mentioned, is enough to get me a bit pissed.
TBF mate, 13 cans of Tyskie is ample for most fella's. Seems a random number though.