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Discussion in 'SMB' started by cowan86, Dec 7, 2017.

  1. cowan86

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    Im currently thinking about going to Rome next May. Where is the best place to book? Checked Expedia best price is around £800 for 3 nights for me and our lass.
  2. zwartekat

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    At that price I would just keep thinking about it.
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  3. Cowvahlo

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    I wish you’d change your username, I keep thinking it’s me that’s posted.
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  4. Look on airbnb.
  5. becs

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    I got a decent deal with Jet2 flying from Newcastle.
  6. cowan86

    cowan86 Full Back

    I thought it was expensive thought I would able to get it down to around £600
  7. Arkle

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    The airline rumoured to be involved in Julius Caesar's death, hence his final words "Jet2, Brute".
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  8. spitfire

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    It will all depend on what you fancy
  9. Mary Hinge

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    There's a eurocamp north of Rerm, in options select "Tent"
  10. Tex

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    We were there in the summer. Stayed in a small clean safe hotel just on the far side of the Terminii train station which meant we got a bus to and from the airport cheap and fairly fast. There were a couple of decent street restaurants next door to the hotel. The station had loads of shops for back up supplies like nappies for the bairn, biscuits, European charger etc and there were money exchanges giving much better rates than at the airport. You could walk around the end of the station to catch the open top city bus tour, and while the hotel and station are on the edge of the main city area (north east side, farthest from Vatican) we caught the subway over to the Vatican one day and were happy to walk around the rest of the time. The Vatican has no lifts or escalators and loads of steps so if you have a bairn in a pushchair or are crippled you better get in training.

    Love it me. Previous time I was there was during Italia 90 when I saw Italy 1 v USA 0. Coin in the fountain so hopefully I’ll make it back one day.
  11. ouro

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    @WillD might know. He lived and worked there for a good while.
  12. Lambchops

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    Book flights, transfers and digs separate and you'll get it <500quid easy
  13. As mentioned there are plenty reasonable hotels around Termini, but If I was going for the first time I'd probably stay near the Via Del Corso, to be in the centre of things.

    Personally when I go now I stay in Testaccio, usually in the Hotel Re Testa, it's like Trastevere before the gentrification.
  14. cowan86

    cowan86 Full Back

    Is it a impressive place to visit?
  15. Yes, yes it is.

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