Trans inmate jailed for Wakefield prison sex offences


So are we now moving towards jailing fellas in the jail of the sex that they identify themselves as?
Modern world eh:confused:


"The prosecution say allegedly because there's smatterings of evidence in this case that the defendant's approach to transitioning has been less than committed.

"The prosecution suggest the reason for the lack of commitment towards transitioning is so the defendant can use a transgender persona to put herself in contact with vulnerable persons she can then abuse."

what a fucking shamozzle... on the plus side he might get a good shagging in a bloke's jail, which will be nice for 'him/her' i'm sure :)


I visited a prison a few years back where a bloke had undergone a sex change op and got himself locked up so he could be with his wife who was locked up for murder. Dunno how long he lasted before being moved like.


I consider myself liberal but this person sounds like a genuine danger to women irrespective of their gender identity. This being formed during embryonic development and reinforced with social environments. This is different to a persons biological sex which is chromosomal and is a double X on the 23 pair for females. Although conditions do exist where people can develop as intersex that have completely female phenotype but are biologically male (XY)

A bit science ed for the smb