Trans inmate jailed for Wakefield prison sex offences


Trans inmate jailed for prison sex attacks

And for today's controversial thread.. we have:

A transgender prisoner who sexually assaulted two inmates at a women's jail and had previously raped two other women has been given a life sentence.

Karen White attacked two women in 2017 while on remand at the HMP New Hall, in Wakefield, for other offences.

White, 52, who identifies as a woman and is transitioning, was described as a "predator" who was a danger to women and children, Leeds Crown Court heard.


This is fucking outrageous and I don't normally swear but honestly until he/she has had his/her cock removed, he/she is in a male unit and I don't care about his/her rights because what about the rights of those women he/she attacked.
Authorities seem to think brutal crimes like that is a safer option then offending someone.


Ridiculous this. Where will the folk go that don't identify as a man or a woman? Be building special facilities to support their human rights :rolleyes:


I think it would have made more sense to have put this person in a secure mental facility if they were a serious criminal and they
1) a history of violence against women
2) were going through a gender transition

Swearing is for simple girls. No need
Yeah but it's fun though.
Swearing is great if done properly. If you just chuck "fuck" (or variations of) into regular conversation without a break you come off as being a bit dense.