Toyah and Bob Fripp video clips


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met them both years back as they were both on labels i represented they were both canny. Mind It was during Toyahs 'experimental' period and the material was a hard sell tbh

in 1988 Prostitute came out, an album through which Willcox vented her frustrations which started to accumulate as a result of having made the transformation "from all-powerful artist to invisible woman" in the course of just one year of marriage.[19] This experimental concept album, marking a considerable divergence from previous works, was released on E.G. Records. The attitude to Prostitute, according to Willcox, in the UK and the US was radically different: "In the UK, when my management tried to sell it to the music reps, an awful lot got up and walked out of meetings; all male I hasten to add.

is absolute bollocks I was one of the reps and while there were quite a few raised eyebrows during the playback no one got up and left
Fripp done a fantastic LP with Sylvian The First Day


These came up on my Youtube for some reason despite not being particulaly interested in Robert Fripp or Toyah. Struck me as a bit of exhibitionism by Toyah showing off her cosmetic surgery and sexy outfits. Robert Fripp looks sick as fuck in the thumbnails.
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First gig I ever saw at the city hall was Toyah, think I was 14 or 15, was at school next day anyway. Liked some of her stuff back then, not the chart hits but there were a few fairly progressive tracks on the albums. She was on Saturday superstore with Noel tidybeard the weekend after and someone in the phone in asked her which was her best ever gig, she said the city hall one that week of course. Often think I’ll have a listen again but never do as I know it will sound shite.
Just as an aside. I worked with Toyah a few years ago: she was absolutely delightful. Just such a lovely lady. There was an X Factor nobody on the same bill and she was a f*cking nightmare. I wanted to give her a slap and point to Toyah to show her how she should conduct herself.


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Another braless sunday lunch edition out today, im sure someone will hoy a link up cos i dont know how to do shit like that.