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Tonight's Game

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Ok what just happened, have we seen an new beginning?

Still a bit ropey at the back at times but the new keeper looks a canny replacement, nice come back for Wes and the new faces are looking up for the challenge.

I know it's pre-season cup/friendlies but I can't help but feel a lot more confident for the season ahead. :)


Only got chance to watch the last 15 minutes, but seen a lot of good signs. Aye it was only pre-season, and in atrocious conditions, but there is a lot to be happy about IMO...Hawaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay


Central Defender
what a group of horrible people you are... the flag is at the back of the stand, i have emailed you all the close of the flag from the 2nd game, yes i know my pretty face was on a couple of times, maybe you should add me on facebook for more pics of the flag
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